Device-tree documentation project

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Device-tree documentation project

Device-tree documentation project
Tim Bird, Sony Mobile


The Device Tree is a relatively new (for ARM Linux) framework for specifying hardware that a Linux kernel should support for a particular board. New device drivers for many embedded products are being produced, and it is strongly encouraged that new drivers and the board support for new ARM boards use device tree as part of their driver configuration. However, some areas of the device tree bindings are non-uniform and not well-documented.

This project would consist of documenting aspects of the device tree system that would be useful for:

  • board support developers (board/platform developers)
  • device driver developers
  • kernel sub-system maintainers

Kernel sub-system maintainers would be well-served by a document describing "rules", guidelines and best practices for device tree bindings.

Many documents exist which describe the syntax of the device tree, (such as the epar document).

The output from this effort would be a readily-accessible document. It would probably make sense to put the document in the kernel source tree, under Documentation/devicetree.

Related work


A rough guess of the amount of work required for this document is approximately 3 months (12 person-weeks).

Contractor Candidates

  • Jonathan Corbet (output could also be part of LDD4??)
  • Thomas Petazzoni - is presenting a tutorial on device tree at ELCE
  • one of the device-tree maintainers? (Grant, Stephen, Mark, etc.)