Didj BootLoader Firmware Updating

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This is a way to manually upgrade your firmware and bootloader.

Programs Needed

Terminal program, Hyperterminal or equivalent

Hardware Needed

UART connection

USB Connection

Firmware Update

This requires you create a folder with contents similar to the firmware-LF_LF1000 folder in the lfp packages, the folder name should start with "firmeware-", or if you want it should work as an lfp extension zip archive. Place the folder or archive in the /Didj/Base directory, there might be one there already. This can be done over the USB connection.

In the terminal run the command 'fwcheck' it should return a result /Didj/Base/firmware-<your name> then run 'fwupdate /Didj/Base/firmware-LF_LF1000/ > /dev/console' it should have an output like this.

# fwupdate /Didj/Base/firmware-LF_LF1000/ > /dev/console
Found /Didj/Base/firmware-LF_LF1000/
Package Integrity Test Passed
Installing kernel.bin in Kernel1 (mtd5)
Kernel install successful.
Installing erootfs.jffs2 in Linux_RFS1 (mtd6)
Rootfs install successful.
Switching from RFS0 to RFS1


Bootloader is exactly the same as firmware, but the folder is named bootstrap-LF_LF1000, the name of the folder you put on the Didj must start with 'bootstrap-'. In the terminal run 'blcheck' and make sure it returns /Didj/Base/bootstrap-<your name> then run 'blupdate /Didj/Base/boostrap-<your name> > /dev/console' and it should return output like.

# blupdate /Didj/Base/bootstrap-LF_LF1000/ > /dev/console
Found /Didj/Base/bootstrap-LF_LF1000/
Package Integrity Test Passed
Installing lightning-boot.bin in LF1000_uniboot (mtd0)
Bootloader install successful.


It is possible to cause a major malfunction with your Didj replacing these files, I recommend you no for sure they are working first.