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'''This is a work in progress'''
Explains what to change in order to build the 2.6.31 LF Explorer kernel for Didj. Use your DJHI to boot the zImage from uSD.
1. make lf1000_ts_defconfig
2.  edit .config. (we are enabling jffs2 and giving the right bootargs):
CONFIG_CMDLINE="mem=18M mlc_fb=0x01200000,0x01200000 init=/sbin/init console=ttyS0,115200 root=31:06 ro rootflags=noatime rootfstype=jffs2 ubi.mtd=Brio ubi.mtd=prg_Brio ubi.mtd=Cartridge"
3. edit line 184 of linux2.6/Makefile to point to your cross compiler (or comment it out if you know the varaible is set elsewhere).
4. edit include/asm/mach-types.h (the number has changed to 2028 - but the boot loader only knows about 1235)
(you may need to 'make' once and ctrl-c to get the mach-types file generated the first time.)
//define MACH_TYPE_ZIR2412              1235
define MACH_TYPE_DIDJ                1235
//define MACH_TYPE_DIDJ                2028
4.1 instead of editig mach-types.h you can edit the file that it is generated from, mach-types (no.h!)
in /linux-2.6/arch/arm/tools, edit the file and look for 2028, copy everything on the line upto 2028:
'''didj MACH_DIDJ DIDJ '''
comment out the 2028 line and now search for 1235 and replace the line with the above, make sure you add 1235 to the end:
'''didj MACH_DIDJ DIDJ 1235'''
This allows you to do 'make clean' without having to re-edit mach-types.h each time, if you also own an explorer you might not want to do this.
5. edit drivers/mtd/nand/lf1000.c (using didj's 9 partition scheme)
[http://pastie.org/1056564 Unified diff 0f changes to drivers/mtd/nand/lf1000.c]
[http://pastebin.com/FX0SbZzM Alternate site: Unified Diff of changes to drivers/mtd/nand/lf1000.c]
6. Edit arch\arm\mach-lf1000\include\mach\mlc.h
#define MLC_MAJOR 251
#define MLC_LAYER_MAJOR 250
This will enable the mlc driver to work with /dev/mlc
7. make
zImage is found in arch/arm/boot
To mount /Didj:
mount -t vfat -o async,noatime /dev/mtdblock9 /Didj
For framebuffer configuration see [[Leapster_Explorer_Framebuffer_Driver]]
For MMC Card configuration see [[Didj_and_Explorer_MMC_Patch]]

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