Didj Explorer Kernel

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This is a work in progress - (eg, LCD not enabled yet) Explains what to change in order to build the 2.6.31 LF Explorer kernel for Didj. Use your DJHI to boot the zImage from uSD.

1. make lf1000_ts_defconfig

2. edit .config. (we are enabling jffs2 and giving the right bootargs):

CONFIG_CMDLINE="mem=18M mlc_fb=0x01200000,0x01200000 init=/sbin/init console=ttyS0,115200 root=31:06 ro rootflags=noatime rootfstype=jffs2 ubi.mtd=Brio ubi.mtd=prg_Brio ubi.mtd=Cartridge"


3. edit line 184 of linux2.6/Makefile to point to your cross compiler (or comment it out if you know the varaible is set elsewhere).

4. edit include/asm/mach-types.h (the number has changed to 2028 - but the boot loader only knows about 1235)

(you may need to 'make' once and ctrl-c to get the mach-types file generated the first time.)

//define MACH_TYPE_ZIR2412 1235

define MACH_TYPE_DIDJ 1235


//define MACH_TYPE_DIDJ 2028

5. edit drivers/mtd/nand/lf1000.c (using didj's 9 partition scheme)

Unified diff 0f changes to drivers/mtd/nand/lf1000.c

Diff of changes to drivers/mtd/nand/lf1000.c

6. make

zImage is found in arch/arm/boot

To mount /Didj:

mount -t vfat -o async,noatime /dev/mtdblock9 /Didj