EBC Exercise 06 Installing Ubuntu on VirtualBox

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thumb‎ Embedded Linux Class by Mark A. Yoder

Here's some things I learned installing VirtualBox. It's rather out of date. Please update it if you have something to add.

TI's notes

Here is how TI suggests setting up VirtualBox.

My Notes

  • Download from here.
  • Install as usual. I made no changes on the Custom Setup page. I got the following message some 9 times. I clicked continue.

VBox - Install Warning.png

  • Start VirtualBox. Click New.

VBox - New.png

  • Run the wizard and give your machine a name.

VBox - Create New Virtual Machine.png

  • I used 1024M for the memory size. Make sure your host computer has at least 2 times the real RAM as the virtual machine.

VBox - Memory Size.png

  • Select Use existing hard disk and click VBox - Browse.png

VBox - Virtual Hard Disk.png

  • Click VBox - Add.pngand select your virtual drive.

VBox - Select disk image.png

  • Click Select, Next, Finish.
  • Click VBox - Start.png
  • Got to the Devices menu and select Install Guest Additions....

VBox - Additions.png

  • Select Applications:Accessoris:Terminal from the menu.

VBox - Terminal.png

  • cd to /media/cdrom0 and run the file for your machine.

VBox - run command 001.png

  • Reboot your virtual machine.
  • You can now resize your virtual machine screen.

thumb‎ Embedded Linux Class by Mark A. Yoder