EBC Exercise 09 Working With Open Source

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thumb‎ Embedded Linux Class by Mark A. Yoder

The BeagleBoard has a huge open source community. To be effective at using the Beagle you need to learn how work with the community. The purpose of this exercise is to introduce you some of the Beagle communities.


Our first stop is BeagleBoard.org. This is the "official" BeagleBoard site, you'll find lots of good information here.

  1. While visiting, download a copy of the System Reference Manual (SRM) for the BeagleBoard-xM.
  2. Also check out the FAQ. It has some good suggestions on where to find information.

BeagleBoard Google Group

There is a Google Group for the BeagleBoard. This is where I go for most of my information, it's easy to search for past information and members are quick to post answers to questions. Try it,

  1. search for cloud9 and see what you find
  2. post a response to my message
  3. subscribe to the group so you can get email updates. I like using the daily digest.

You'll also find an ECE497 BeagleBoard group. This is a group I use to communicating with my class. You are welcome to subscribe to it, but you won't find much there.


There's also an IRC channel for the Beagle. It's a good place to get really quick answers since there is usually someone monitoring the channel the knows the Beagle.

  1. Go to the channel and post something.


[eLinux.org eLinux.org] is where this it posted. It's also where I've posted all my class exercises. I tag all my pages with [[Category:ECE497]] so it's easy to find all my pages.

  1. Create a user name on eLinux.org
  2. Add your name to the ECE497 Editing a Wiki page.
  3. Edit your User page on eLinux and add [[Category:ECE497]] to it. This will make it appear on the Category page. Check out User:Mayhewsw for ideas of what else to put on your User page.
  4. Add your user name to ECE497 Contributions.

| ECE497 Editing a Wiki, ECE497 Contributions

thumb‎ Embedded Linux Class by Mark A. Yoder