EBC Exercise 29 GStreamer

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There are many open source efforts that run on desktop Linux that have been ported to the BeagleBoard. You can see many here. One effort is GStreamer a library for constructing graphs of media-handling components, or more simply, a open source multimedia framework.

Here are some audio and video demos based on a RidgeRun talk at ESC.

Getting Started

  • Get the updated files from the git repository
beagle$ git clone git@github.com:MarkAYoder/BeagleBoard-exercises.git exercises

or if you've already git'ted them, make sure you have the most up to date versions.

beagle$ cd exercises
beagle$ git pull

Audio Demos

There are several scripts that show what GStreamer can do. They all begin with a'.

beagle$ cd gstreamer
beagle$ ./a2

Go try all the audio files. Make a note (1 or 2 sentences max) about what each one is showing.

a5 is an audio through demo. I've set it up to take input from the PS EYE mikes, but I don't hear anything coming out. Can you make it work? Don't take more that 5 minutes.

Video Demos

The files beginning with v are video demos. There is a handy utility that puts the PS EYE in autogain mode. You can run it by:

beagle$ ../autogain/autogain  # This puts the PS EYE in autogain mode.
  1. Try them and make a note about what each does.
  2. v5 is video through, so you'll need the PS EYE. Use gst-inspect to learn what v4l2src can do. Modify v5 to use a image that half the size.
  3. v6 and v7 save the video in a file. Use mplayer to play the file. Does it work? 604x480 video at 30 frames per second is a lot for the Beagle. Make the image half the size. On v7 slow the audio sampling rate to 8k Hz.

Network Demos (optional)

The scripts starting with n show how GStreamer can send data over the network. n3 and n4 show a Beagle to Beagle link. If you have time, try to make it work.