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! Description
! Description
| Matthew Moravec &  
| Matthew Moravec &     Yue Zhang
| Yue Zhang
| [https://www.adafruit.com/products/512 Analog 2-axis Thumb Joystick]
| [https://www.adafruit.com/products/512 Analog 2-axis Thumb Joystick]
| Analog 2-axis Thumb Joystick with Select Button + Breakout Board
| Analog 2-axis Thumb Joystick with Select Button + Breakout Board

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thumb‎ Embedded Linux Class by Mark A. Yoder

Pick one of the senors from the SparkFun Sensor Kit or from Adafruit and interface it to the Bone. Create a wiki page describing how to use the sensor.

Add your name next to the sensor/display you want to use and pick it up from me.


Name Sensor Description
Josh Dugan HMC5883L - Triple-Axis Magnetometer Breakout Board An accurate, simple-to-use digital magnetometer with an I2C interface.
Ross Hansen ADXL335 - Triple-Axis Accelerometer Breakout Board Senses acceleration along all three axes, with a range of up to ±3g. Fully analog interface. Sparkfun:_ADXL335,_three-axis_accelerometer


Ruffin White Triple-Axis Gyro Breakout Board Senses angular velocity along three axes of rotation. Fully digital interface with a range of up to ±2000°/s.
Kevin Geisler Large Piezo Vibration Sensor - With Mass A flexible film able to sense for vibration, touch, shock, etc. When the film moves back and forth an AC wave is created, with a voltage of up to ±90.
Mark A. Yoder Reed Switch Senses magnetic fields, makes for a great non-contact switch.
Mark A. Yoder 0.25" Magnet Square Plays nicely with the reed switch. Embed the magnet into stuffed animals or inside a box to create a hidden actuator to the reed switch.
Stephen Shinn 0.5" Force Sensitive Resistor A force sensing resistor with a 0.5" diameter sensing area. Great for sensing pressure (i.e. if it's being squeezed).
Tom Atnip PIR Motion Sensor Easy-to-use motion detector with an analog interface. Power it with 5-12VDC, and you'll be alerted of any movement.
Ultrasonic Rangefinder - Maxbotix LV-EZ1 Distance sensor with both analog and RS-232 interfaces, providing sonar range information from 6 to 254 inches.
HIH-4030 Humidity Sensor A high precision humidity sensor with an analog output.
Andrew Miller IR Receiver Breakout Board An analog interfaced IR receiver, sensitive to a wide range of IR waves. Great for 'listening' to TV remotes.
James Popenhagen Mini Photocell The photocell will vary its resistance based on how much light it's exposed to. Will vary from 1kΩ in the light to 10kΩ in the dark.
Optical Detector/Phototransistor An all-in-one infrared emitter and detector. Ideal for sensing black-to-white transitions or can be used to detect nearby objects.
Jesse Brannon BMP085 Barometric Pressure Sensor Low power, high precision barometric pressure sensor with I2C output.
James Popenhagen Flex Sensor As the sensor is flexed, the resistance across the sensor increases. Useful for sensing motion or positioning
Chris Good SoftPot These are very thin variable potentiometers. By pressing on various positions along the strip, you vary the resistance


Name Device Description
Matthew Moravec & Yue Zhang Analog 2-axis Thumb Joystick Analog 2-axis Thumb Joystick with Select Button + Breakout Board
Rotary Encoder This rotary encoder is a high quality 24-pulse encoder, with detents and a nice feel. This encoder also has a push-button built into it so you can press onto the knob to close a separate switch. One side has a 3 pin connector (ground and two coding pins) and the other side has two pins for a normally-open switch.
Touch screen (Nintendo DSL digitizer) This resistive touch screen can be used with a stylus or fingertip and is easy to use with a microcontroller.

600 ohms across X pins, 300 ohms across Y pins 4 wire resistive display, on a 0.5mm FPC connector

Xinyu Cheng Mini 8x8 LED Matrix w/I2C - Yellow
Mike Junge & Peter Ngo Mini 8x8 LED Matrix w/I2C - Blue
Xia Li Mini 8x8 LED Matrix w/I2C - Red
Alex Drane Bicolor LED Square Pixel Matrix The matrices use a driver chip that does all the heavy lifting for you: They have a built in clock so they multiplex the display. They use constant-current drivers for ultra-bright, consistent color, 1/16 step display dimming, all via a simple I2C interface.
Green 7-segment clock display These displays are multiplexed, common-cathode. What that means it that you can use a 74HC595. Sorry, I didn't order the version with i2c.
Sean Richardson Digital Addressable RGB LED These LED strips are fun and glowy. There are 32 RGB LEDs per meter, and you can control each LED individually! We have 5 meters worth!
Greg Larmore 16x24 Red LED Matrix Panel These LED panels take care of all the work of making a big matrix display. Each panel has six 8x8 red matrix modules, for a 16x24 matrix. The panel has a HT1632C chip on the back with does all the multiplexing work for you and has a 3-pin SPI-like serial interface to talk to it and set LEDs on or off (you cannot set the LED to be individually dimmed, as in 'grayscale'). There's a few extras as well, such as being able to change the brightness of the entire display, or blink the entire display at 1 Hz.
John Lobdell Rotary Encoder These rotary encoders rotate all the way around continuously, and are divided up into 24 'segments'. Each segment has a click-y feeling to it, and each movement clockwise or counter-clockwise causes the two switches to open and close. There is no way to know what the current 'position' is - instead you would use a microcontroller to count how many 'clicks' left or right it has been turned. If you need to detect rotational 'position' a potentiometer would be a better choice.

thumb‎ Embedded Linux Class by Mark A. Yoder