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I already have this elsewhere.  No need for this one.
== Outline ==
== Outline ==

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I already have this elsewhere. No need for this one.


This is to define what is expected in the weekly memo's for ECE-497.


A Weekly Status Memo is due on Monday of each week. This memo is to document all that you have done during the previous week. Here are things I look for in a memo.

  1. Have To, From, Date, and Subject field on the top.
  2. Use a meaningful subject. Week 2, Exercises 02, 04 and 10 is meaningful. Exercise Memo is not.
  3. Have a section of each exercise that is completed.
  4. Start with a couple sentence introduction giving an overview of what the exercise is about.
  5. Answer all the questions in the exercise.
  6. Use tables.
  7. Clearly state which parts of the exercise you were able to complete.
  8. Note any parts of the exercise you were unable to complete and explain why.
  9. End with a few sentences of concluding remarks. What did you learn? What else would you like to learn? What do you suggest for other related exercises? What extra interesting things did you do?