ECE497 Project Programmable Light Show

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Team members: Taylor Purviance

Executive Summary

The idea of this project is to have a bone controlling a chain of LEDs and drive the LEDs to flash different colors and patterns. The patterns and colors being displayed will be programmed via a web interface that is accessible to the public, allowing anyone to program the lights.

At the moment, the project is up and running, allowing individual LEDs to be changed via a drag-and drop programming interface accessible via browser. However, the speed of communications / light changes is still a bit of a problem. Using the slow way, it would take 2 or 3 seconds to change all the lights.

Most of the effort of the project is now focused on changing the interface so that multiple light changes can be bundled in messages, making fewer messages and (hopefully) faster update times.

Installation Instructions

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  • Include any additional packages installed via opkg.
  • Include kernel mods.
  • If there is extra hardware needed, include links to where it can be obtained.

User Instructions

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Theory of Operation

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Work Breakdown

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Future Work

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