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[[Category:ECE497 |Project]]
Team members: [[user:whiteer|Elias White]]
== Executive Summary ==
Give two sentence intro to the project.
Give two sentences telling what works.
Give two sentences telling what isn't working.
End with a two sentence conclusion.
The sentence count is approximate and only to give an idea of the expected length.
== Installation Instructions ==
Give step by step instructions on how to install your project on the SPEd2 image. 
* Include your [https://github.com/ github] path as a link like this:  [https://github.com/MarkAYoder/gitLearn https://github.com/MarkAYoder/gitLearn]. 
* Include any additional packages installed via '''opkg'''.
* Include kernel mods.
* If there is extra hardware needed, include links to where it can be obtained.
== User Instructions ==
Once everything is installed, how do you use the program?  Give details here, so if you have a long user manual, link to it here.
== Highlights ==
Here is where you brag about what your project can do.
Include a [http://www.youtube.com/ YouTube] demo.
== Theory of Operation ==
Give a high level overview of the structure of your software.  Are you using GStreamer?  Show a diagram of the pipeline.  Are you running multiple tasks?  Show what they do and how they interact.
== Work Breakdown ==
List the major tasks in your project and who did what.
Also list here what doesn't work yet and when you think it will be finished and who is finishing it.
== Future Work ==
Suggest addition things that could be done with this project.
== Conclusions ==
Give some concluding thoughts about the project. Suggest some future additions that could make it even more interesting.

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