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| [http://sched.co/1ccBZPp Open Source Tools for Software Defined Radio on Multicore ARM+DSP]
| [http://sched.co/1ccBZPp Open Source Tools for Software Defined Radio on Multicore ARM+DSP]
| [http://elcabsna2014.sched.org/speaker/balister Philip Balister], OpenSDR
| [http://elcabsna2014.sched.org/speaker/balister Philip Balister], OpenSDR
| [[Media:Balister-elc2014.pdf | PDF]]

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Table of Presentations

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Presenter(s) Session Description Presentation Transcript Status
Tim Bird, Sony Mobile The Paradox of OpenSource and Embedded
To Be Announced To Be Announced
Karim Yaghmour, CEO-Opersys
David Anders, Senior Embedded Systems Engineer at CircuitCo
Tim Bird, Senior Software Engineer at Sony Mobile
Matt Porter, Technical Lead at Linaro
Benjamin Zores, Software Architect at Alcatel-Lucent
Panel: IoT and the Role of Embedded Linux and Android - David Anders, CircuitCo; Tim Bird, Sony Mobile; Matt Porter, Linaro; Benjamin Zores, Alcatel-Lucent; Karim Yaghmour, OperSys (Moderator)


Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status
Day 1, 10:30am
A Deep Dive Into DEX File Format Rodrigo Chiossi, Intel Open Source Technology Center
ROM Cooking and Good Practices Jeremy Vagnet, Genymobile
LTSI Project Update for 3.10 Kernel and Future Plans Hisao Munakata, Renesas
microYocto and the 'Internet of Tiny' Tom Zanussi, Intel Open Source Technology Center PDF
USB and the Real World Alan Ott, Signal 11 Software PDF
Day 1, 11:30am
Update on Boot Time Reduction Techniques with Figures Michael Opdenacker, Free Electrons PDF
Finding Performance and Power Issues on Android Systems Eric Moore, Intel Corporation
Running Code in the Android Stack Karim Yaghmour, Opersys
Mastering the DMA and IOMMU APIs Laurent Pinchart, Renesas Linux Kernel Team PDF
Qt5 and Yocto - Adding SDK and Easy App Migration for Qt4 Dmytriyenko, Texas Instruments PDF
Day 1, 2:00pm
The Android Graphics Path, In Depth Chris Simmonds, 2net
The Android Media Framework - A Deep Dive Poornachandra Kallare, TPVision
Device Tree for Dummies Thomas Petazzoni, Free Electrons PDF
Porting Linux to a New Architecture Marta Rybczynska. Kalray PDF
User Space Drivers in Linux - Pros, Cons, and Implementation Issues Michael Christofferson, Enea
Day 1, 3:00pm
Android without Java Bernard Rosenkranzer, Linaro
Improving Performance of Key External Projects Used in Android Khasim Syed Mohammed, Linaro
How to Build a Linux-based Robot Michael E. Anderson, The PTR Group, Inc. PDF
Using Real-Time Patch with LTSI Kernel Yoshitake Kobayashi, Toshiba PDF
Yocto Project/OpenEmbedded BoF Jeff Osier-Mixon, Intel Corporation
Day 1, 4:20pm
Android with Java (Cont.) Bernard Rosenkranzer, Linaro
X86 ROM Cooking 101: A Hands on Tutorial Ron Munitz, Nubo
A Remote Power Analyzer Based on Power Modeling in Heterogenous Embedded Linux Systems Young-Joo Kim, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Making a Splash: DIgital Signage Powered by Minnowboard and the Yocto Project Nitin Kamble and John Hawley, Intel Open Source Technology Center PDF
Supporting a New ARM Platform: The Allwinner SoCs Example Mixime Ripard, Free Electrons PDF
Day 1, 5:20pm
Headless Android Strikes Back Gary Bisson, Adeneo Embedded
X86 ROM Cooking 101: A Hands on Tutorial (cont.) Ron Munitz, Nubo
Engaging Device Trees Geert Uytterhoeven, Gilder bvba PDF
Fear and Loathing in the Media Transfer Protocol Linus Walleij, Linaro PDF
Use-Case Power Management Optimization: Identifying and Tracking Key Power Indicators Patrick Titiano, BayLibre PDF
Day 2, 10:30am
Android Platform Debugging and Development Karim Yaghmour, Opersys
Tuning Android for Low RAM Chris Simmonds, 2net
(Tutorial) Some GCC Optimizations for Embedded Software Khem Raj, Juniper Networks
Linux for Microcontrollers: Spreading the Disease Vitaly Wool, Softprise Consulting OU PDF
Trees need care: A Solution to Device Tree Validation Problem Tomasz Figa, Samsun R&D Institute PDF
Day 2, 11:30am
Android KitKat Internals Benjamin Zores, Alcatel-Lucent
Security Enhancements (SE) for Android Stephen Smalley, US National Security Agency
(Tutorial) Some GCC Optimizations for Embedded Software (Cont.) Khem Raj, Juniper Networks PDF
Can Board Bringup Be Less Painful with Yocto and Linux? Insop Song, Gainspeed PDF
Extending Linux using Arduinos Michael E Anderson, The PTR Group, Inc. PDF
Day 2, 2:pm
Android App Tuning Techniques Workshop Mark Murphy, CommonsWare
Making Android More Wearable: The Challenges of Adding Multi-SPorts Sensors and Radios Gil Zhaiek, Recon Instruments
A Timeline for Embedded Linux Chris Simmonds, 2net PDF
An Introduction to the Video4Linux Framework Hans Verkuil, Cisco Systems Norway PDF
Introducing Embedded Linux to Universities Victor Rodriguez, Intel PDF
Day 2, 3:00pm
Android App Tuning Techniques (Cont.) Mark Murphy, CommonsWare
Android Middleware Development Euler Rachid, Samsung R&D Brazil Lab
Debugging - Linux Kernel Testing Matt Porter, Linaro
Hardware-Assisted Software Tracing Adrien Verge, Ecole Polytechnique Montreal PDF
LLVMLinux: Embracing the Dragon Behan Webster, Converse in Code Inc.
Day 2, 4:20pm
Android App Tuning Techniques Workshop (cont.) Mark Murphy, Commonsware
Android on Atom for Teeth Health Rafael Coutinho, Philnnovations]
Debugging Matt Ranostay, Intel Open Source Technology Center
David Anders, CircuitCo
Two Years of ARM SoC Support mainlining: Lessons Learned Thomas Petazzoni, Free Electrons PDF
webOS, An OpenEmbedded Use Case Iyad Qumei, LG Electronics PDF
Day 2, 5:20pm
Android App Tuning Techniques Workshop (Cont.) Mark Murphy, Commonsware
Bringing the BlueZ bBck to Android Marcel Holtmann, Intel's Open Source Technology Center
Building Tools From the Outside In: Bringing User-Centered Design to Embedded Linux Belen Barros Pena, Intel's Open Source Technology Center PDF
Debugging - Panel Discussion Karim Yaghmour, Opersys
Matt Ranostay, Intel
David Anders, CircuitCo
Matt Porter, Linaro
System Power Management Interface (SPMI) Josh Cartwright, Qualcomm Innovation Center
Day 3, 9:00am
Embedded Android Workshop Karim Yaghmour, Opersys
The Growth of Android in Embedded Systems Benjamin Zores, Alcatel-Lucent
Software True Random Number Generator for Embedded Linux Nicholas McGuire, Safety Critical Linux Working Group of OSADL
Understanding the Embedded Linux Ecosystem with Codeface Wolfgang Mauerer, Siemens PDF
Volatile Ranges Mincham Kim, LG Electronics
Day 3, 10:00am
Embedded Android Workshop (Cont.) Karim Yaghmour, Opersys
Extending Android via Extenal Microprocessors Mike Anderson, The PTR Group
Linux Quickboot Tristan Lelong, Adeneo Embedded PDF
Open Source Tools for Software Defined Radio on Multicore ARM+DSP Philip Balister, OpenSDR PDF
Ubuntu Touch Internals Ricardo Salveti de Araujo, Ubuntu Touch LowLevel Stack PDF
Day 3,11:25am
Embedded Android Workshop (Cont.) Karim Yaghmour, Opersys
Here There Be Dragons: Using cland/LLVM to Build Android Behan Webster, Converse in Code PDF
Hardware Accelerated Video Streaming with V4L2 Gabriel Huau, Adeneo Embedded PDF
SMP Bring Up On ARM SOCs Gregory Clement, Free Electrons clement-smp-bring-up-on-arm-soc.pdf
The #qt/#wayland/#systemd/#btrfs-phone....the Jolla Phone David Greaves, Mer Project PDF
Day 3, 2:00pm
Multiwindow Support on Android Andrzej Wieczorek, Tieto
Mikel Echegoyen, Tieto
Using Chroot to Bring Linux Applications to Android Mike Anderson, PTR Group
Buildroot: What's New? Thomas Petazzoni, Free Electrons
Improving Performance of a WebKit Port MIPS Platform Adrian Perez de Castro, Igalia PDF
Using Yocto for Modules Manufacturers Alexandre Belloni, Free Electrons PDF
Day 3, 3:00pm
Android Everywhere Mark Brown, Intel
Multi Persona Android Amir Goldstein, Cellrox
Collaborative GPL Enforcement Through Non-Profit Entities Bradley M. Kuhn, Software Freedom Conservancy PDF
Productizing Telephony and Audio in a GNU/Linux (Sailfish OS) Smartphone Martti Piirainen, Tieto PDF
What's Going on with SPI Mark Brown, Linaro
Day 3, 3:50pm
Genivi and AGL - A View From the Side Vitaly Bordyug, Mentor Graphics
Kernel USB Gadget Configfs Interface Matt Porter, Linaro PDF
Using Agile Development Practices for Kernel Development Natalie Nelms, Texas Instruments PDF

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