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|Living on master: Using Yocto Project, Jenkins and LAVA for a rolling release
|Tim Orling, Intel Open Source Technology Center
|[[Media:Living on master-Using Yocto Project, Jenkins and LAVA for a rolling release-2018.pdf | PDF]]
|[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6NwYGbWO5s Video]

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Table of Presentations

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Day 1 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status Video
Day 1, 9:00am
Keynote: Welcome Tim Bird, ELC Co-Chair & Phillip DesAutels, IoT Co-Chair none Video
Day 1, 9:15am
Keynote: Intelligent Internet of Things: Start Analyzing Your Global Device Data for Real-Time Antony Passemard, Product Management Lead - Cloud IoT, Google none Video
Day 1, 9:40am
Keynote: Designing the Next Billion Chips: How RISC-V is Revolutionizing Hardware Yunsup Lee, Co-Founder and CTO, SiFive none Video
Day 1, 10:00am
Keynote: Sci-fi Destroys the World, Science Builds It Daniel Wilson, Roboticist & Author none Video
Day 1, 10:50am
BoF: Mender, Current and Future Status of the Open Source Project Eystein Stenberg, Mender.io Video
Introduction to the Robot Operating System (ROS) Middleware Mike Anderson, The PTR Group, Inc. PDF Video
Progress in the Embedded GPU Ecosystem Robert Foss, Collabora, Ltd. PDF Video
Day 1, 11:50am
An Introduction to Asymmetric Multiprocessing: When this Architecture can be a Game Changer and How to Survive It Nicola La Gloria & Laura Nao, Kynetics PDF Video
Booting It Successfully for the First Time with Mainline Enric Balletbm I Serra, Collabora Ltd. PDF Video]
Tips for Writing Good Tests for Linux Tim Bird, Sony Corporation PDF Video
Day 1, 2:00pm
An Unbiased Look at the Energy Aware Scheduler (EAS) Vitaly Wool, Interstate Labs PDF Video
Introducing the "Lab in a Box" Concept Patrick Titiano & Kevin Hillman, Baylibre PDF Video
Preempt-RT Raspberry Pi Linux Tiejun Chen, Vmware PPT Video
Working with the Linux Kernel in the Yocto Project Sean Hudson, The Yocto Project PDF Video
Day 1, 3:00pm
Impact of Platform Firmware on Linux Kernel Megha Dey & Sal Praneeth Prakhya, Intel PDF Video
OpenEmbedded/Yocto on RISC-V - New Kid on the Block Khem Raj PDF Video
Piece of Cake - Testing Remote Embedded Devices Made Easy Using Open-Hardware MuxPi Pawel Wieczorek, Samsung R&D Institute Poland PDF Video
System-in-Package Technology: Making It Easier to Build Your Own Linux Computer Erik Welsh, Octavo Systems & Jason Kridner, Beagleboard.org PDF Video
Day 1, 4:10pm
Bring-up with Netconsole and USB without a Serial Debug Net Jason Kridner, Texas Instruments and Beagleboard.org PDF Video
Buildroot: What's new? Thomas Petazzoni, Bootlin (formerly Free Electrons) PDF Video
Keeping Up With LTS: Linux Kernel Functional Testing (LKFT) on Devices Thomas Gall, Linaro PDF Video
Tutorial: Introduction to Reverse Engineering Mike Anderson, The PTR Group, Inc. PDF Video
Day 1, 5:10pm
Drive Your NAND within Linux Miquul Raynal, Bootlin PDF Video
Embedded Linux Quality Assurance: How to Not Lie With Statistics Wolfgang Mauerer, Siemens AG/OTH Regensburg PDF Video
Linux on Quick Turnaround Projects at Ball: No, We Aren't Putting Linux in Canning Jars Sam Povllus, Ball Aerospace PDF Video

Day 2 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status Video
Day 2, 10:55am
Comparing and Contrasting Embedded Linux Build Systems and Distributions Drew Moseley, Mender.io PDF Video
Measuring and Summarizing Latencies using the Trace Event Subsystem Tam Zanussi, Intel PDF Video
Speeding your Linux Development with Debian and OpenEmbedded on DragonBoard 410c Mark Charlebois, Qualcomm Technologies PDF Video
Update My Board Mirza Krak, Endian Technologies AB PDF Video
Day 2, 11:50am
Secure Boot from A to Z Quentin Schulz & Mylune Josserand, Bootlin PDF Video
Steering Xenomai into the Real-Time Linux Future Jan Kiszka, Siemens AG PDF Video
Day 2, 2:05pm
Day 2, 2:55pm
Day 2, 4:05pm
Day 2, 4:55pm

Day 3 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status Video
Day 3, 9:00am
Keynote: The Maintainer's Paradox Tim Bird, Sr. Software Engineer, Sony, and Maintainer of Fuego Slides PDF, Text of talk The text doesn't match exactly what was delivered - it is not a transcription, but was Tim's draft of ideas he planned to present. Video
Day 3, 9:15am
Keynote: Open Source: The New Normal Imad Sousou, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Open Source Technology Center, Intel Video
Day 3, 11:05am
Day 3, 12:05pm
Day 3, 2:30pm
Getting started with Buildroot (E-ALE track) Thomas Petazzoni, Bootlin (formerly Free Electrons) PDF Slides PDF Lab Instructions
Day 3, 3:30pm
Civil Infrastructure Platform: Industrial-grade Open Source Base Layer Yoshitake Kobayashi, Toshiba PDF
Living on master: Using Yocto Project, Jenkins and LAVA for a rolling release Tim Orling, Intel Open Source Technology Center PDF Video
Day 3, 4:30pm
Ethernet Switch Support in the Linux Kernel Alexandre Belloni, Bootlin (formerly Free Electrons) PDF

Technical Showcase Posters

Poster Title Presenter Poster
SMP and Networking support on NuttX/LC823450 Masayuki Ishikawa & Koichi Okamoto PDF
Warpx.io - Open Hardware / Open Source for Wearables & IoT Aaron Moore PDF
Lava Box: a Continuous Integration (CI) lab in a box Patrick Titiano & Kevin Hilman PDF
Mozilla Things — Privacy and Interop for IoT Kathy Giori PDF1 PDF2
MuxPi – remote access to embedded device made easy Paweł Wieczorek PDF
PocketBeagle Rapid Prototyping Demos Jason Kridner & Erik Welsh PDF
10 Years of BeagleBoard.org Jason Kridner PDF
Trench Boot - On firm footing with an extensible measured launch framework Daniel Smith, Christopher Clark, Rich Persaud PDF
Automotive Grade Linux Walt Miner PDF