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Presentations from [1]
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Day 1 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status Video
Day 1, 12:00pm
Status of Embedded Linux Tim Bird, Sony Corporation PDF
Day 1, 12:50pm
Automotive Ethernet: Future of Connected Vehicles Ravi Dineshbhai Patel & Sriranjani P., Samsung Semiconductor India R&D PDF
Shhh - Stop Sharing Secrets, a Secure Mindset for Embedded Development Andy Doan & Ricardo Salvetti, Foundries.io PDF
Day 1, 2:45pm
Lessons Learned Supporting Nearly 200,000 IoT Devices David Tischler, Balena.io PDF
Tools and Techniques to Debug an Embedded Linux System Sergio Prado, Embedded Labworks PDF
Day 1, 3:35pm
Delving into the Linux Boot Process for an ARM SoC Ajay Kumar & Thiagu Ramalingam, Sasung PDF
How to Choose a Software Update Mechanism for Embedded Linux Devices Leon Anavi, Konsulko Group PDF
Day 1, 4:45pm
Finding the Path from Embedded to Edge using Product Lines Steffen Evers, Bosch.io * Philipp Ahmann, Robert Bosch GmBH PDF
What's New in Buildroot? Thomas Petazzoni, Bootlin PDF
Day 1, 5:35pm
Case Study: Switching from Asymmetric to Symmetric Software Updates Jeff Pautler, NI PDF
Tips, Tricks, and Gotchas for Linux Real-Time Tuning Gratian Crisan, NI PDF

Day 2 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status Video
Day 2, 12:10pm
If (oops) {Do_not_panic();} Lucky Tyagi, Samsung Semiconductor India R&D Center PDF
OSFCI - Extensible Open-source CI for Firmware with Real Hardware Execution Arun Darlie Koshy & Jean-Marie Verdun, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) PDF
SSDFS: Flash-friendly File System with Highly Minimized GC Activity, Diff-on-write, and Deduplication Viacheslav Dubeyko, ByteDance PDF
Day 2, 1:00pm
Even More Board Farm Goodness - An Update on the REST API for Automated Testing Tim Bird, Sony Corporation & Harish Bansal, TimeSys PDF
Porting Linux to a Baseboard management Controller Asic, Feedback & Perspectives Jean-Marie Versun & Luis Luciani, HPE PDF
System Device Tree and Lopper: Concrete Examples Bruce Ashfield & Stefano Stabellini, AMD PDF
Day 2, 3:05pm
BOF: SBOMs for Embedded Systems: What's Working, What's Not? Kate Stewart, Linux Foundation
Configuring and Building a Heterogenous System Using the Yocto Project Mark Hatle, AMD PDF
V4L2 M2M as the Driver Framework for Video Processing IP Karthik Poduval, Amazon Lab126 PDF
Day 2, 3:55pm
Edge Computing with RISC-V Platforms Running XIP Linux Vitaly Vul & Maria Vul, Konsulko AM PDF
Static Partitioning with Xen, LinuxRT & Zephyr: A Concrete End-to-end Example Stefano Stabellini, AMD
Yocto Project Autobuilders and the SWAT Team Alexandre Belloni, Bootlin PDF
Day 2, 5:00pm
Evolving ROS for Safety Critical Systems Tully Foote, Open Robotics PDF
Lessons Learned: Migrating a Production Platform to Yocto Mitch Gaines, Farmblox PDF
Towards PREEMPT_RT for the Full Task Isolation Jim Huang, BiiLabs Co., & Oscar Shiang, National Cheng Jung University PDF
Day 2, 5:55pm
From UART to PCIe and DMA: Selecting Connectivity for Your FPGA-based Subsystem ALexander Wirthmueller, MPSI Technologies GmBH PDF PDF
RTLA: Real-time Linux Analysis Toolset Daniel Bristot De Oliveira, Red Hat
Software Bill of Materials and Supply Chain with the Yocto Project Joshua Watt, Garmin
Day 2, 6:45pm
BoF: Corporate Use of Embedded Linux Tim Bird, Sony Corporation
BoF: The Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded Organization Armin Kuster, MontaVista Software, LLC & Philip Balister, OpenSDR
BoF: RISC-V Stephano Certola, RISC-V International

Day 3 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status Video
Day 3, 12:10pm
BoF: Realtime Linux Steven Rostedt, Google
Debugpci: Making PCIe Common Error Debugging Easier Shradha Todi & Padmanabhan Rajanbabu, Samsung Semiconductor India R&D
Improvisation and Demonstration of Linux Thermal Framework for Multiple Temperature Sensors Adithya K V & Tauseef Nomani, Samsung Semiconductor India Research
Day 3, 1:00pm
CAN - Deep Dive into Baud Rate & Error Handling Model Vivek Yadav, Samsung Semiconductor India R&D Center
Designing Secure Containerized Applications for Embedded Linux Devices Sergio Prado, Embedded Labworks
Risk Management When Using Open-source Software in Medical Devices Robert Bates, Siemens
Day 3, 3:00pm
Libgpiod V2: New Major Release with a Ton of New Features Bartosz Golaszewski, Uxlite Solutions Sarl
Talking to Cameras Using the Google HAL3 API Christina Quast, Verity
Wi-Fi 6 (Formerly IEEE 802.11ax) Deep Dive Marcel Ziswiler, Toradex AG PDF
Day 3, 3:50pm
Ethtool - Diagnostic Approach for Network Issues in Linux Sriranjani P & Ravi Dineshbhai Patel, Samsung Semiconductor India R&D
V4L2 Controls - From Perspective of Video Capture Devices Sathyakam Medavaram, Samsung Semiconductor India R&D Center
Day 3, 5:00pm
Asymmetric/Heterogenous MultiProcessing (AMP/HMP): Mainline Linux and Zephyr in Unison Marcel Ziswiler, Toradex AG PDF
Insight of an Audio Driver Based on ALSA Chandrasekar Ramakrishnan, Samsung
Day 3, 5:50pm
Embedded Linux Conference Annual Closing Game