ELC Europe 2016 Presentations

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Table of Presentations

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Day 1 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status Video
Day 1, 9:00am
Yocto Project Developer Day (Registration and add'l Fee Required)
Day 1, 10:00am
Liota Hackathon (Registration Required)
Day 1, 17:00pm

Day 2 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status Video
Day 2, 9:10am
Keynote: Welcome Remarks & Announcements Tim Bird, Program Chair
Real-Time Summit (Registration Required)
Day 2, 9:10am
Keynote: A Fireside Chat with Greg Kroah-Hartman Linux Foundation Fellow
Day 2, 9:35am
Keynote: Jelena Lucin, International Project Manager & Melissa Rancourt, Founder Greenlight for Girls
Day 2, 10:00am
Keynote Maarten Ectors, VP of IoT, NG Networking & Proximity Cloud, Canonical
Day 2, 10:40am
Generic System for Safe Rootfs/Kernel Upgrades without Single-Point of Failure Andreas Fenkart, digitalSTROM
Kernelci.org Needs YOU! Mark Brown, Linaro & Kevin Hilman, BayLibre
Running an Undersea, Robotic Laboratory on a Fixed Energy Budget Brent Roman, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
JerryScript: An Ultra-lightweight JavaScript Engine for the Internet of Things Tilmann Scheller, Samsung Electronics
The Little IoT Agent (liota) Greg Bolella, Vmware
Zephyr Project: An RTOS to Change the Face of IoT Geoff Thorpe, NXP Semiconductor
IRQs: the Hard, the Soft, the Threaded and the Preemptible Alison Chaiken, Peloton Technology
Day 2, 11:40am
Long-Term Maintenance, or How to (Mis-)Manage Embedded Systems for 10+ Years Jan Lübbe, Pengutronix e.K.
Read-only rootfs: Theory and Practice Chris Simmonds, 2net
Thwarting Unknown Bugs: Hardening Features in the Mainline Linux Kernel Mark Rutland, ARM
Leveraging IoT Biometrics and Zephyr RTOS for Neonatal Nursing in Uganda Teresa Cauvel, Neopenda
Run Your Own 6LoWPAN Based IoT Network Stefan Schmidt, Samsung
Soletta: Closing the IoT Development Gap Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri, ProFUSION Embedded Systems
Day 2, 14:00pm
Comparison of Linux Software Update Technologies Matt Porter, Konsulko
Hardware Assisted Tracing on ARM with CoreSight and OpenCSD Mathieu Poirier, Linaro
Herd Your Boards, Become a Farmer Geert Uytterhoeven, Glider bvba
IPv6 for Embedded Developers used to IPv4 Thiago Macieira, Intel
New Wireless Daemon for Linux Marcel Holtmann, Open Source Technology Center, Intel
The Zephyr™ Project – An Updated Overview Anas Nashif, Intel & Benjamin Walsh, Wind River
Tutorial: Why NAND Flash Breaks Down Arnout Vandecappelle, Essensium/Mind
Day 2, 15:00pm
Approaches to Ultra-Long Software Maintenance Wolfgang Mauerer, Technical University Regensburg/Siemens AG Industrial
I/O and You: Nonsense Hacks! Matt Ranostay, Ranostay Consulting, LLC
Introducing resinOS: An Operating System Tailored for Containers and Built for the Embedded World Petros Angelatos & Andrei Gherzan, resin.io
Build a Micro HTTP Server for Embedded System Jian-Hong Pan
Doing Bluetooth Low Energy on Linux Szymon Janc, CODECOUP
OSS Remote Firmware Updates for IoT-like Projects Silvano Cirujano Cuesta, Siemens AG
Day 2, 16:10pm
Automated Testing Laboratory for Embedded Linux Distributions Pawel Wieczorek, Samsung R&D Institute Poland
Open Source in Every Car with Automotive Grade Linux Walt Miner, The Linux Foundation
Stuck in 2009 - How I Survived Will Sheppard, Embedded Bits Limited
How to Build a Distributed Serverless Polyglot Micro Services IoT Platform Using Docker and OpenWhisk Kalonji Bankole, IBM
Improving System Configuration for Zephyr and Beyond Andy Gross, Linaro
OCF for Resource-Constrained Environments Kishen Maloor, Intel Corporation
Tutorial: Bootstrapping the Partitioning Hypervisor Jailhouse Jan Kiszka, Siemens AG
Day 2, 17:10pm
ARM64 SoC Linux Support Check-List Gregory Clement, Free Electrons
Open Source, Encryption and Export Regulations & The New Compliance Frontier Mark Gisi, Wind River Systems
Survey of Open Hardware 2016 John Hawley, Intel
Apache Mynewt Overview Sterling Hughes & James Pace, Runtime
Flow Based Programming Applied to IoT Development Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri, ProFUSION Embedded Systems
Linux+Zephyr: IoT Made Easy Pantelis Antoniou, Konsulko Group
Day 2, 16:10pm
BoF: Linux Device Performance Framework Michael Turquette, BayLibre
BoF: MinnowBoard John Hawley, Intel
BoF: Open Source Project to Update Linux Devices Over-the-Air (OTA): Mender.io Ralph Nguyen, Eystein Stenberg & Marcin Pasinski, Mender.io
BoF: Small Business Andrew Murray, Embedded Bits
BoF: Yocto Project & OpenEmbedded Jeff Osier-Mixon, Intel Corporation/Yocto Project

Wednesday, October 12

08:00 Breakfast Registration Open 09:00 Building a Bards Farm: Continuous Integration and Remote Control - Antoine Tenart & Quentin Schulz, Free Electrons Introduction to Realtime Linux - Jan Altenberg, linutronix GmbH LininoOS, LininoIO and ArduinoOS : A Suitable Ecosystem for Linux and MCUs - Arturo Rinaldi, Arduino.org Supporting the Camera Interface on the C.H.I.P - Maxime Ripard, Free Electrons Better Alignment of Flash Storage to Mobile System Behavior - Alex Lemberg, SanDisk Company Brillo and Weave Internals - Karim Yaghmour, Opersys inc. Securing the Connected Car - Eystein Stenberg, Mender.io IoT 101: Getting Connected for Developers (Registration Required) Tracing Summit (Registration Required) 10:00 Coffee Break 10:45 Designing a Distro from Scratch Using OpenEmbedded - Part 2 - Koen Kooi, Linaro Drones Still Going Open Source - Julien Beraud, Parrot Leveraging the Open Source Development Model Inside Your Company - Mark Gisi, Wind River Systems Linux DRM: New Picture Processing API - Marek Szyprowski, Samsung Electronics Polska Sp. z o.o. (In)secure Things - Shane Coughlan, Insignary Creating Continuous Delivery for Yocto Based IoT Distribution - Alexander Kanevskiy, Intel Devicetree Hardware Autoconfiguration - Hans de Goede, Red Hat 11:45 Audio on Linux: The End of a Golden Age? - Lars-Peter Clausen, Analog Devices Efficient Visual Avoidance and Control for UAVs with Embedded GPUs - Kabir Mohammed, UASys The Path of the Private FUTEX - Sebastian Siewior, Linutronix GmbH Using ELBE to Build Debian Based Embedded Systems - Manuel Traut, Linutronix GmbH A More Open Trust Protocol - Christian Brindley, Symantec Open Source Bluetooth Device Firmware for IoT and Makers - Marcel Holtmann, Open Source Technology Center, Intel Wyliodrin STUDIO: An Open Source Tool for IoT Development - Serban Razvan, Wyliodrin 12:35 Lunch (Attendees on Own) 14:00 ASoC: Supporting Audio on an Embedded Board - Alexandre Belloni, Free Electrons Choosing Linux for New Use Cases - Tsugikazu Shibata, NEC Exploring Linux Kernel Source Code with Eclipse and QTCreator - Marcin Bis Verified Boot: From ROM to Userspace - Marc Kleine-Budde, Pengutronix e.K. Demystifying Systemd for Embedded Systems - Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri, ProFUSION Embedded Systems Software Update for IoT: The Current State of Play - Chris Simmonds, 2net Tutorial: Building an IoT Empire - Michael Schloh von Bennewitz, Computer Scientist 15:00 Automotive Collaboration: What's Really Going On? Has Something Improved During the Last Year? - Paul Sherwood, Codethink Ltd Cameras in Embedded Systems: Device Tree and ACPI View - Sakari Ailus, Intel Isar: Build Debian-Based Products with BitBake - Baurzhan Ismagulov, ilbers GmbH Running UBI/UBIFS on MLC NAND - Richard Weinberger, sigma star gmbh & Boris Brezillon, Free Electrons IoTivity: The Open Connectivity Foundation and the IoT Challenge - Thiago Macieira, Intel Software Updates for Connected Devices: Key Considerations - Eystein Stenberg, Mender.io 15:50 Coffee Break 16:30 Deby - Reproducible and Maintainable Embedded Linux Environment with Poky - Kazuhiro Hayashi, Toshiba Corporation Open Source for Automotive Developed in the Open becomes Real: GENIVI Development Platform - Agustin Benito Bethencourt, Codethink Ltd Reconfigurable Computing Architecture for the Linux Kernel - Vince Bridgers & Yves Vandervennet, Intel Swapping and Embedded: Compression is the Key - Vitaly Wool Building an IoT-class Device - Igor Stoppa, Open Source Technology Center, Intel Gateways - The Center of Complexity for Update - Ned Smith, Intel Using Greybus for IoT - Alexandre Bailon, BayLibre 17:20 Onsite Attendee Reception & Sponsor Showcase

Thursday, October 13

08:00 Breakfast Registration Open 08:15 OpenWrt Summit (Registration Required) 09:00 BYOD (Build Your Own Device) - Angelo Dureghello, Sysam, Nomovok EFL - A UI Toolkit Designed for the Embedded World - Tom Hacohen, Samsung Time is Ready for the Civil Infrastructure Platform - Yoshitake Kobayashi, Corporate Software Engineering Center & Urs Gleim, Seimens Using SCHED_DEADLINE - Steven Rostedt, Red Hat Open Source Development for the ESP8266 and Azure - Ivan Judson, Rita Zhang & Pamela Cortez, Microsoft Power Management Challenges in IoT and How Zephyr RTOS Meets Them - Ramesh Thomas, Intel Tutorial: Building a Drone, From Scratch - Igor Stoppa, Open Source Technology Center, Intel 10:00 Anatomy of Cross-Compilation Toolchains - Thomas Petazzoni, Free Electrons Continuous Integration and Autotest Environment Using Fuego - Kenji Tadano & Kengo Ibe, Mitsubishi Electric Introduction to Memory Management in Linux - Matt Porter, Konsulko Trying to Explain the 'Incomprehensible' Decision Making Process of a Subsystem Maintainer - Wolfram Sang, Renesas How to Develop the ARM 64bit Board, Samsung TM2 with Exynos5433 - Chanwoo Choi & Seung-Woo Kim, Samsung Electronics The Internet of Things and Life Beyond Linux - Wolfgang Mauerer, Technical University Regensburg/Siemens AG 10:50 Coffee Break 11:15 HDMI CEC: What? Why? How? - Hans Verkuil, Cisco Systems Norway It's a Hardware Bug and I can Prove It - Kris Chaplin, Altera Modernizing the NAND Framework: The Big Picture - Boris Brezillon, Free Electrons No, It's Never Too Late to Upstream Your Legacy Linux Based Platform - Neil Armstrong Avoid the Silos and Help Build the True Internet of Things - Aaron Vernon, Higgns Creating Bluetooth-Based IoT Solutions with Zephyr - Johan Hedberg, Open Source Technology Center, Intel JavaScript Meets Zephyr - Sakari Poussa, Intel 12:15 Clinging to Clang - Khem Raj, Comcast RDK Continuous Integration and Testing of a Yocto Project Based Automotive Head Unit - Mario Domenech Goulart & Mikko Rapeli, BMW Solving Devicetree Issues, part 3.0- Frank Rowand, Sony Update on Shared Logging between the Kernel and the Bootloader - Sean Hudson, Mentor Graphics, Inc BlueZ Meets Zephyr - Luiz Augusto von Dentz, Intel Cloud Platforms for the Internet of Things: How Do They Stack Up? - Koustabh Dolui, Politecnico di Milano Enabling IoT OSs for Intel Quark MCU platforms: The Fast Way - Andre Guedes, Intel 13:05 Lunch (Attendeees on Own) 14:30 C++ for Embedded Development - Thiago Macieira, Intel GPIO for Engineers and Makers - Linus Walleij kvmtool - A QEMU Alternative? - Andre Przywara, ARM Using the Network as a Reliable Platform for Time-Sensitive Systems - Henrik Austad, Cisco Quark Microcontroller Software Interface - Malcolm Prinn, Intel Security in IoT, More an Attitude Issue than a Technical Challenge 15:30 Debugging Methodologies for Realtime Issues in Linux Systems - Joel Fernandes, Amazon FDO: Magic 'Make My Program Faster' Compilation Option? - Pawel Moll, ARM Knocking at Your Back Door (or How Dealing with Modern Interrupt Architectures can Affect Your Sanity) - Marc Zyngier, ARM Ltd Open-Source Tools for FPGA Development - Marek Vašut, DENX Software Engineering Creating Memory Efficient and High Performance IP Stack for Zephyr OS - Jukka Rissanen, Open Source Technology Center, Intel How to Prototype an IoT Hardware with IoTivity on GNU/Linux - Phil Coval, Samsung 16:20 Coffee Break 16:40 Keynote: Zephyr & IoT Security - Geoff Thorpe, Head of IoT Security, NXP Semiconductor 17:00 Keynote: Status of Embedded Linux - Tim Bird, ELC Program Chair 17:20 Closing Game