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|Demystifying Linux Kernel Initcalls
|Mylene Josserand, Collabora
|[[Media:2020_ELCE_initcalls_myjosserand.pdf | PDF]]
|- bgcolor="#a0c0c0"
|- bgcolor="#a0c0c0"
| colspan="5" | Day 2, 01:00pm
| colspan="5" | Day 2, 01:00pm
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|Johannes Holland & Peter Huewe, Infineon Technologies AG
|Johannes Holland & Peter Huewe, Infineon Technologies AG
|[[Media:using-the-tpm-its-not-rocket-science-anymore_slides_ELCE2020.pdf | PDF]]
|[[Media:using-the-tpm-its-not-rocket-science-anymore_slides_ELCE2020.pdf | PDF]]
|Tutorial: What the Clock! - Linux Clock Subsystem Internals
|Neil Armstrong, BayLibre SAS
|[[Media:ELC-E 2020_ What The Clock !.pdf | PDF]]

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Presentations from https://events.linuxfoundation.org/embedded-linux-conference-europe/ ELCE 2020 (LF conference archive)].

Please note that all sessions for the event, as well as for Open Source Summit Europe 2020 are available for viewing through the month of November, 2020, at https://www.accelevents.com/e/OSSELCEU2020 There is no charge to access the event. I believe you just need to provide your e-mail address. This includes all breakout sessions and keynotes.

Videos are available at the event site now, and will be put on YouTube within the next few weeks (likely before the end of November). When they are made available on YouTube, we will add links here.

NOTE: If you add a wikilink to your presentation and attempt to upload it via the link, it may fail. If it does, use the Special:Upload page to upload your file.


Session times are timezone UTC

Day 1 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status Video
Day 1, 12:00am
Beyond "Just" Booting: Barebox Bells and Whistles Ahmad Fatoum, Pengutronix PDF Video
Upstream First is Our Principle - Toward Super Long-Term Support Masashi Kudo, Cybertrust Japan Co., Lid. & Chris Paterson, Renesas Electronics Europe PDF
Day 1, 01:00pm
Boot-Time Optimization for the Real World Michael Olbrich, Pengutronix PDF Video
A Checklist for Writing Real-Time Applications John Ogness, Linutronix GmbH
Day 1, 02:15pm
Tutorial: Debugging Embedded Devices using GDB Chris Simmonds, 2net PDF
Image Signal Processing (ISP) Drivers & How to Merge One Upstream Helen Koike, Collabora PDF Video
Waylandifying Chromium - From Downstream to Shipping Maksim Sisov, Igalia PDF
Day 1, 03:15pm
Can I Build an Embedded Linux System with Clang Khem Raj, Comcast PDF
Panel Duscussion Follow-up: Do We Need an Industrial Grade Linux Lars Geyer-Blaumeiser, Bosch.IO; Kate Stewart, The Linux Foundation; Jan Kizka, Siemens AG; Guy Lunardi, Collabora Limited & Andre Barkowski, Robert Bosch GmbH
Day 1, 04:15pm
Creating Debian-Based Embedded Systems in the Cloud Using Debos Christopher Obbard, Collabora Ltd. PDF
Embedded Linux Systems in Smart Agriculture Ronald Kipkirui Mutai, Burphurm Enterprises LTD, Kenya PDF
Fuzzing Linux Drivers with Syzkaller Ricardo Canuelo, Collabora
Day 1, 05:15pm
Full Stack Debugging: From CI to ISS Alexey Brodkin, Synopsys PDF
FOSS Static Analysis Tools for Embedded Systems and How to Use Them Jan-Simon Moller, The Linux Foundation PDF
Getting a Time of Flight Camera Working in Linux, The Full Story from Kernel to User Space Bogdan Togorean, Analog Devices PDF
Day 1, 06:30pm
Gadgets and Trinkets, The Upstream Linux Way Geert Uytterhoeven, Glider bv PDF
From the Camera Sensor to the User, the Journey of a Video Frame Maxime Chevallier, Bootlin PDF Video
Debian and Yocto Project: a Tale of Two Distros (One of Which is Not a Distro) Chris Simmonds, 2net PDF
Day 1, 07:30pm
BoF: The Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded Nicolas Deschenes, Linaro & Armin Kuster, MontaVista Software, LLC
What Differs the Android Open Source Project form Other Linux Distributions? Sergio Prado, Toradex PDF
Writing Your Own Kernel Cryptographic Accelerator Driver Tero Kristo, Texas Instruments PDF

Day 2 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status Video
Day 2, 12:00pm
Advanced Systemd for the Embedded Use-Case Jeremy Rosen, Smile PDF
Graphical User Interface Using Flutter in Embedded Systems Hidenori Matsubayashi, Sony PDF
Demystifying Linux Kernel Initcalls Mylene Josserand, Collabora PDF
Day 2, 01:00pm
Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded: A Collection of Best Practices Alexandre Belloni, Bootlin PDF Video
C++ for Real-Time Safety-Critical Linux Systems Robin Rowe & Gabrielle Pantera, Venture Hollywood PDF
Day 2, 02:15pm
Building Embedded Debian and Ubuntu Systems with ELBE Köry Maincent, Bootlin PDF Video
Challenges of Using V4L2 to Capture and Process Video Sensor Images Eugen Hristev, Microchip Technology, Inc. PDF
Threat Modelling - Key Methodologies and Applications from OSS CIP (Civil Infrastructure Platform) Perspective Dinesh Kumar, Toshiba Software India & SZ Lin, Moxa Inc PDF
Day 2, 04:15pm
Linux on RISC-V with Open Hardware Drew Fustini, BeagleBoard.org Foundation PDF Video
Using the TPM - It's Not Rocket Science (Anymore) Johannes Holland & Peter Huewe, Infineon Technologies AG PDF
Tutorial: What the Clock! - Linux Clock Subsystem Internals Neil Armstrong, BayLibre SAS PDF
Day 2, 05:15pm
Using Visual Studio Code for Embedded Development Michael Opdenacker, Bootlin PDF Video
Kernel Email Tools Frank Rowand, Sony PDF [ Video]
Board FARM APIs for Automated Testing of Embedded Linux Tim Bird, Sony & Harish Bansal, Timesys PDF
BoF: Automotive Grade Linux Developer Community Walt Miner, The Linux Foundation PDF
LibIIO - A Library for Interfacing with Linux IIO Devices Dan Nechita, Analog Devices Inc PDF
Day 2, 06:30pm
Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and Packet Timestamping in Linux Antoine Tenart, Bootlin PDF Video
OP-TEE is ready, let's use it! Rouven Czerwinski, Pengutronix PDF Video
Optimizing and Developing Non-CPU Device Power Management by DEVFREQ Chanwoo Choi, Samsung PDF
Overview of the Open Source Vulkan Driver for Raspberry Pi 4 Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias, Igalia PDF
Day 2, 07:30pm
PlutoSDR, the Making of an Ultra Low Cost, High Performance Linux Based Software Defined Radio Michael Hennerich, Analog Devices GmbH PDF
Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and Packet Timestamping in Linux Antoine Tenart, Bootlin PDF
RunX: Deploy RTOSes and Baremetal Apps as Containers Stefano Stabellini & Bruce Ashfield, Xilinx PDF

Day 3 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status Video
Day 3, 12:00pm
Issues with Open Source License Compliance in Consumer Electronics Tim Bird, Sony PDF
Development "Interrupt Storm Detection" Feature Kento Kobayashi, Sony Corporation PDF
Simplify and Reuse Your Driver's Code with Regmaps Ioan Adrian Ratiu, Collabora Ltd PDF
Day 3, 1:00pm
Software Update Solutions for Yocto and OpenEmbedded Leon Anavi, Konsulko Group PDF
Share System Resources on Multi-Processor System Lionel Debieve, STMicroelectronics PDF
Day 3, 04:15pm
Supporting Hardware-Accelerated Video Encoding with Mainline Paul Kocialkowski, Bootlin PDF Video
The International Effort to Establish Open Source Base Layer of Cyber Security for IACS Kento Yoshida, Renesas Electronics Corporation PDF
The Yocto Project on Windows Alejandro Enedino Hernandez Samaniego, Microsoft
Day 3, 05:15pm
The State of PTXdist Roland Hieber, Pengutronix PDF Video
Let’s Test with KernelCI Khouloud Touil, Baylibre
The Yocto Project's First Decade Jeffrey Osier-Mixon, Linux Foundation & Nicolas Dechesne, Linaro PDF
Day 3, 06:30pm
Understand ECC Support for NAND Flash Devices in Linux Miquèl Raynal, Bootlin PDF Video
U-Boot: Porting and Maintaining a Bootloader for a Multimedia SoC Family Neil Armstrong, BayLibre SAS PDF
Understand ECC Support for NAND Flash Devices in Linux Miquèl Raynal, Bootlin PDF
Embedded Linux Conference Annual Closing Game Tim Bird, Sony