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Edje is an Evas smart object implementation, so part of Enlightenment Foundation Libraries, written in C but with bindings for Python. This smart object is very special because it will load internal parts description from files and can be used as a super-theme engine.

These files, often called EDC or EDJ due these names being used as extension for source and binary form, will contain all resources required, including images, fonts, description and even scripts. One can compile the textual description from an EDC file to EDJ using edje_cc file.edc. The compiled file is an archive created with EET library.

Each EDJ file will contain a collection of groups. Each edje_object is mapped to a group into and EDJ file. This group should contain a set of parts that will map to children objects of edje_object, these objects can be anything supported by Evas, like rectangles, text and even other Edje objects! These parts will have states descriptions and possible events to change from one state to another, Edje will take care of keeping these states and recalculate as needed.



  • based on states and state transitions
  • geometries can be specified as absolute and relative, including relative to other parts, this produces scalable yet pixel perfect intefraces
  • scriptable using Embryo, Lua is under consideration
  • application communication is done via messages and signals.
  • Edje_Editor