Embedded Linux debugging/profiling/tracing tools - Overview

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(Embedded) Linux debugging/profiling/tracing tools - Overview
Robert Berger


"If the only tool you have is a hammer all your problems are nails!"

There are quite a few tools for debugging/tracing/profiling user space/kernel/the whole GNU/Linux system. Still most people use printf() and friends due to a lack of knowledge what else is there and/or how to use it. I propose the creation of the centralized place to browse to if you want to find ways to debug your (Embedded) GNU/Linux system.

Related work

... and many more ...


After the decision how/when and where this will be done I estimate it will take about 4 weeks to put some initial documents together, say on a Wiki. Afterwards this should be an open ended community effort.

Contractor Candidates

As a professional trainer I would like to nominate myself to kick off the project and put up some initial pages which will also act as a template for others to contribute. For clarifications and further details contributors are welcome to assist. This will also give them the opportunity to better present their projects to the community/public.