FR:RPi Bugs

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Voir FR:R-Pi_Troubleshooting pour les problèmes qui ne sont pas des bogues.


  • La version actuelle du micrologiciel du R-Pi limite son utilisation à 2 hubs et 14 ports.
  • Certains périphériques ne sont pas supportés lien
  • The analog sound output chip suffers from a clicking problem when it awakes from sleep.
This is caused by the quiet signal sitting at half rail when the chip is active and the signal
sitting at ground when the chip is asleep. During the wake/sleep process the analog output is rapidly
driven between these two levels causing an annoying, but not damaging, click.
Recent versions of software drivers have accounted for this problem by being far less aggressive in putting
the audio DAC to sleep.


(sauf les bogues spécifiques aux distributions non-officielles)