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* [[CSharp_on_RPi|C#]]
* [[CSharp_on_RPi|C#]]
* [[CodeBlocks]]
* [http://xxicc.org Langage de programmation GalaxC et environnement XXICC "Chicken Coop"] (en cours de développement)
* [http://xxicc.org Langage de programmation GalaxC et environnement XXICC "Chicken Coop"] (en cours de développement)
* [[Go_on_RPi|Go]]
* [[Go_on_RPi|Go]]
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* Anjuta pour C/C++
* Anjuta pour C/C++
* Dev-C++
* Dev-C++
* CodeBlocks
* [http://www.lua.org/ Lua]
* [http://www.lua.org/ Lua]
* [http://www.bbcbasic.co.uk/bbcbasic.html BBC BASIC]
* [http://www.bbcbasic.co.uk/bbcbasic.html BBC BASIC]

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Logiciels et Distributions :

Logiciels - une vue d'ensemble.

Distributions - systèmes d'exploitation et environnements de développement pour le Pi.

Compilation du noyau - conseils sur la compilation du noyau.

Performances - mesure des performances du Pi.

Programmation - langages de programmation utilisables sur le Pi.

Langages de programmation, EDI, etc

Testés sur carte Alpha

Testés sur RPi

Devraient fonctionner

Voir aussi : RaspberryPiBoard/EducationalLinks pour des langages adaptés à l'éducation.

Programmation graphique

  • Gambas - possibly a good choice; easy like old visual basic
  • Scratch
  • Alice
  • Android App Inventor
  • Kodu
  • Star Logo
  • PrimerLabs CodeHero
  • Lazarus I was working on LaZorOS4Pi a while back to provide a on-device IDE but I'm stuck with only a VGA monitor + chroot. Will pick it back up asap for it is a great combination. (Used: Fedora, Razor-QT desktop and Lazarus-QT+FreePascal. 2nd attempt => Funtoo)
  • YAD 'Yet Another Dialog' for fast GUI scripting in BASH.
  • EasyBashGui Want to keep it fast and simple than this is your tool. Goes even faster with the code snippets from Komodo Edit + BASH Menu plugin.
  • BlueGriffon is a very slick WYSIWYG editor for HTML5.
  • fpGUI Toolkit has been tested and fully working on the RPi. fpGUI is a custom drawn, full featured, cross-platform GUI toolkit that has been in development since 2006. fpGUI can be use for Desktop or Embedded environments, and is suitable for commercial and open source projects. Implemented 100% in Object Pascal, and producing small executables and very low library dependency (just the standard X11 - no Qt or GTK etc required). For a very quick setup of the Free Pascal Compiler & fpGUI Toolkit, download the starter archive (3.5MB download) from http://www.turbocontrol.com/easyfpgui.htm. Unzip, and you are ready to go! fpGUI includes lots of ready made widgets, a documentation viewer (docview), a Visual GUI Forms Designer (uidesigner), and an IDE (maximus). The IDE is still in the very early stages of development, but any programmer editor could be used with fpGUI too.
  • Pi3D hardware accelerated 3D (and 2D) for python - still being improved but works now
  • Adafruit Learning System Raspberry Pi WebIDE - allows programs to be written, compiled, and executed on the RPi via a web interface.


Seraient bien s'ils fonctionnaient

  • wvdial -- Dialer for Land-line, GSM, UMTS modems and other serial devices.
  • VHDL -- VHDL (VHSIC hardware description language) is a hardware description language used in electronic design automation to describe digital and mixed-signal systems such as field-programmable gate arrays and integrated circuits.
  • Verilog -- Verilog, standardized as IEEE 1364, is a hardware description language (HDL) used to model electronic systems. It is most commonly used in the design and verification of digital circuits at the register-transfer level of abstraction. icarus verilog (iverilog) is available at http://iverilog.icarus.com/ or apt-get install iverilog

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