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who is Flameman ?

Flameman's projects

i run these project in my spare hobby time

started project name project url status
6 June 2007 DHT-Walnut-Flameman http://elinux.org/DHT-Walnut-Flameman mature, working with 2.6.21, few issues
3 December 2007 RouterBoard-rb532-Flameman http://elinux.org/RouterBoard-rb532-Flameman mature, working with 2.6.22, few issues
14 December 2007 Palm-m105-m68328-Flameman http://elinux.org/Palm-m105-m68328-Flameman just ucmon, no working OS, very early status
11 January 2009 Mac68k-Flameman http://elinux.org/Mac68k-Flameman not mature, working with 2.6.26, few issues, no working uart
16 February 2009 ipaq-Flameman http://www.elinux.org/Ipaq-Flameman not mature, no working 2.6
16 February 2009 fonera http://elinux.org/Fonera-Flameman early mature, working with 2.6.26, few issues
12 February 2009 gentoo-mips/sgi http://www.linux-mips.org/wiki/Gentoo-mips-sgi early proof version, just opened for reporting ...

who (and why to) runs projects like this ? an interesting article http://lwn.net/Articles/222773/