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who is Flameman ?

Identity is a state of mind and heart. It's not about personal habits, such as language, food, music and attire. It's about how peoples can feel any given day and at any given location. That' cause because what you believe affects everything.

My identity is a charming ratatouille, a fruit created from the passion of electronic engineering and hack's art.

yeah, in hacks I trust

you can contact flameman about suggestion, collaboration, anything you want/need

  • @msn daredevil-coder@hotmail.it
  • @email flamemaniii@gmail.com
  • @irc nick="flameman" channel={#edev, #gentoo-ppc, #gentoo-mips, #gentoo-arm, #elinux, ..}


Flameman's projects

i run these project in my spare hobby time

started project name project url status
6 June 2007 DHT-Walnut-Flameman http://elinux.org/DHT-Walnut-Flameman mature, working with 2.6.21, few issues
3 December 2007 RouterBoard-rb532 http://elinux.org/RouterBoard-rb532-Flameman mature, working with 2.6.22, few issues
14 December 2007 Palm-m105-m68328 http://elinux.org/Palm-m105-m68328-Flameman just ucmon, no working OS, very early status
11 January 2009 Mac68k-Flameman http://elinux.org/Mac68k not mature, working with 2.6.26, few issues, no working uart
16 February 2009 ipaq-Flameman http://www.elinux.org/Ipaq http://www.elinux.org/Flameman-Ipaq not mature, no working 2.6
16 February 2009 fonera http://elinux.org/Flameman-Fonera early mature, working with 2.6.26, few issues
12 February 2009 gentoo-mips/sgi http://www.linux-mips.org/wiki/Gentoo-mips-sgi early proof version, just opened for reporting ... other info should be merged from my old web side http://www.webalice.it/mr.ddc/ bootloader http://www.linux-mips.org/wiki/ARCLoad

who (and why to) runs projects like this ? an interesting article http://lwn.net/Articles/222773/

ipaq -> openmoko alternative, see http://openpandora.org/index.php