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Attached is the photo of what we got from a Paypal private deal with a dude who names himself "Stelios-k" on eBay. You can judge by yourself.


Stelios-k asked 30 euro as postage. To skimps out on properly packing was not a good idea, ain't it? Let's check it out!

  • board#0 board#1
  • board#2 board#3

Status of each board in the picture


  • defect: broken DIMM connector with two pins bent, scratches on the PCB
  • status: faulty
  • repairable: dunno, probably no


  • defect: no defects
  • status: working


  • defect: scratches on the PCB, RJ45 crushed
  • status: faulty
  • repairable: yes -> it's back to working condition


  • defect: broken DIMM connector with one pin bent, scratches on the PCB
  • status: faulty
  • repairable: dunno, probably no

We spent a lot of time to repair the board#2. After unboxing it looked apparently fine, but the networking was not properly working, it randomly manifested weird and unexplained disconnections. Inspecting the PCB we found the plastic of the RJ45 connector and the PHY are both cracked so the cable didn't make good and reliable contact and they PHY always fails its 100Mbps autonegotiation.

After some struggling, now this board is back in working condition! All test passed!

We are a group of five students working on a funny project. We are still need to find more boards so each person in our small group can develop alone. we currently have three working boards, so we are looking for two/three other boards.

if you have one for sale and don't need it, please contact us!

email: downthebunker dot team at gmail dot com

You will receive our eternal gratitude! Thank you!