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the board has been made be synergy microsystem it seems the board+bsp+vxworks has been sold as "EUROCOM 27xxx"


  • CPU: dual 33 MHz 68060 processors
  • ram: 64 Mbytes, DRAM
  • lan: Ethernet
  • interface: Graphics, SCSI-2, VME 32/64?
  • OS: comes with OS-9, LynxOS, pSOS+, PDOS, VxWorks


  • Memory is provided on a piggyback module allowing it to be easily upgraded
  • Up to 4 Mbytes of FLASH
  • Supports ELTEC's LEB mezzanine bus

Working scheme

is this system (hw-2x68060/vxworks)s.m.p. or a.m.p. ?

it seems that the dual-CPU V460 is featuring a symmetrical architecture allowing the two 68060 CPUs to operate as either tightly-coupled coprocessors sharing the same operating system and peripherals or as two independent CPUs running separate operating systems across separate I/O channels.


If this info is right it should be possible to assign different interrupt level schemes to each CPU via a programmable interrupt control register. In all of these possible arrangements, the dual CPU V460 Series can provide full multi-ported memory access by both CPUs, the VMEbus, and both EZ-bus modules with varying levels of memory protection as required.

power needed

V460 model (50 MHz, 8 MB RAM)

  • +5.0v ±5% = 6.4 amps (typical)
  • -12.0v ±5% = 30 mA