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=== Unsupported devices ==
=== Unsupported devices ===
* Built-in PS/2 keyboard & mouse
* Built-in PS/2 keyboard & mouse

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to replace unscrew the 2 parts, slide the head sink onto the part so the rails catch under the chip Tighten a little


Currently, NetBSD/sandpoint requires the use of Motorola's DINK32 ROM to load over a serial port. This means that there is no way to boot from a local disk or PCI device.

Supported processor cards

  • mobo sandpoint/X4 with MPC8240
  • CPUmodule Altimus X3 with either MPC755 or MPC7410

Other PMCs should work, but may need minor adjustments or more substantial work to support additional functionality.

Supported devices

  • Ethernet
         - Asante Mac 10/100 PCI Rev A, part number 09-00169-01 (de) 
         - Farallon Fast EtherTX 10/100, part number PN996L-TX (de) 
         - SMC Etherpower II (9432TX) (epic) 
         - SMC 83c170 (epic) 
         - 3Com 3c905 (ex) 
         - Intel EtherExpress PRO/10+ PCI LAN Adapter (fxp) 
         - Realtek 8029 Ethernet (ne) 
         - VIA Technologies VT86C926 (ne) 
         - D-Link DFE-530TX+ (rtk) 
         - Realtek 8139 (rtk) 
         - Netgear FA-311 (sip) 
         - Lite-On PNIC (tlp) 
         - D-Link DFE-530TX (vr) 
         - Many other PCI Ethernet interfaces, such as Tulip-compatible (de and tlp), 3Com (ep), SMC (epic), Intel (fxp), NE2000-compatible (ne), and Realtek (rtk) 
  • SCSI
         - Adaptec PCI controllers 291x, 2920, 2930C, 294x, 295x, 39xx, 19160, 29160 and AIC-78xx (ahc) 
         - AdvanSys ABP-940UW[68], ABP-970UW[68], ASB3940UW-00 SCSI host adapters (adw) 
         - AdvanSys 1200[A,B], 9xx[U,UA] SCSI controller (adv) 
         - AMD 53c974 (pcscp) 
         - DPT SmartCache/SmartRAID (dpt) 
         - NCR/Symbios 53C8xx (siop or esiop) 
         - Many other PCI SCSI controllers should work, but no one has tried them 
         - Most SCSI disk/tape/CD-ROM devices should work 
  • IDE
         - Promise Ultra66 (pciide) 
         - Some other PCI IDE controllers should work, although no one has had much success 
         - Most IDE disk/CD-ROM/ATAPI devices should work 
  • Audio
         - PCI audio cards, although none have been tested. 
  • Serial ports
         - On-board serial ports (the modem and printer ports) (com0 and com1) 
         - Some PCI serial ports should work, but no one has tried them 
  • PCI cards
         - Most MI PCI cards should work, although very few have been tested with NetBSD/sandpoint http://www.NetBSD.org/support/hardware/pci.html 

Unsupported devices

  • Built-in PS/2 keyboard & mouse
  • Built-in parallel
  • Built-in floppy
  • Built-in IDE

Supported boot devices

Currently, the only way to boot the system is with the DINK32 ROM monitor's serial download or a JTAG device.