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= who is Flameman ? =
Identity is a state of mind and heart. It's not about personal habits, such as language, food, music and attire. It's about how peoples can feel any given day and at any given location. That' cause because what you believe affects everything.
My identity is a charming ratatouille, a fruit created from the passion of electronic engineering and hack's art.
yeah, in hacks I trust
you can contact flameman about suggestion, collaboration, anything you want/need
* @msn daredevil-coder@hotmail.it
* @email flamemaniii@gmail.com
* @irc  nick="flameman" channel={#edev, #gentoo-ppc, #gentoo-mips, #gentoo-arm, #elinux, ..}
do you really really need to have the flameman extensions on the wiki pages? it makes it hard to find the pages and for us to maintain.
please contact prpplague on irc.freenode.net so that we may discuss this issue

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