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The Raspberry Pi wiki pages on this site are a community work - the Raspberry Pi Foundation is not responsible for content on these pages.

החלה הפצת הלוחות

Premier Farnell ו- RS Components החלו במשלוח הלוחות ללקוחות. מזל טוב לאלו שבראש רשימת ההזמנה!

כרגע נעשים מאמצים מצד החברות לדלל את ההזמנות שהצטברו, עם שתי המפיצות שכרגע מייצרות את הלוחות בייצור סידרתי. Farnell/Element14 ציינו שכל הלקוחות מכל העולם שהזמינו דרכם את ה- Raspberry Pi עד ה- 18 באפריל אמורים לקבל את המוצר עד סוף יוני.

ראו את מדריך הרכישה כדי ללמוד איך לבצע רכישה, או בקרו ב- Raspberry Pi עמוד הבית של קרן


The Rpi beta board (model B)

ה- Raspberry Pi (בקיצור: Rpi או RasPi) הוא מחשב מזערי (בגודל של כרטיס אשראי) וזול שמריץ הפצות שונות של Linux שנוצר בעיקר ללמד ילדים תכנות. הוא פותח ע"י Raspberry Pi קרן, שהיא ארגון תרומה בבריטניה. יעודה של הקרן הוא לקדם את הלמידה של תחום מדעי המחשב ותחומים קרובים, בעיקר בקרב תלמידי בית ספר, ולספק חוויה כיפית של למידת תחום המחשבים.

Raspberry Pi is manufactured and sold in partnership with the worldwide industrial distributors Premier Farnell/Element 14 and RS Components.

  • Products are RoHS, CE, FCC, CTick, CSA and WEEE compliant[1]. In common with all Electronic and Electrical products the Raspberry Pi should not be disposed of in household waste. Please contact the distributor from whom you purchased your Raspberry Pi device for details regarding WEEE in your country.
  • Price: 25USD Model A, 35USD for Model B, excluding taxes, postage and packaging. For information about availability and shipping see the Buying Guide.


  • Russell Davis (aka forum admin ukscone) has a series of blog articles recording his perspective of the Raspberry Pi story in several parts from the beginning.
  • You will often hear mention of the BBC Micro Computer when people talk about the purpose of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. See this article on the history of the BBC Micro Computer.

Getting Started

Buying Guide

Where can I get one and for how much?

  • Raspberry Pi can only be purchased via their official distribution partners - detailed information can be found on the RPi Buying Guide page.
  • Additional accessories, peripherals and merchandise will also be available through the Raspberry Pi Shop.

Basic Setup

First little Raspberry Pi Steps...

Beginners Guide

You've just got your new Raspberry Pi device - what now?

  • Get started with some basic projects and tutorials:

Raspberry Pi YouTube Tutorials
Another set of video tutorials

Easy GPIO Hardware & Software - in-progress at the moment

Example projects/tuts which can be linked from here
(or from within a beginners guide page perhaps):
 Setup XBMC media centre
 Programming tutorials (Liams YouTube etc)
 Easy GPIO (when complete or similar thing).
 Also links to some basic linux user guides.
  • Take a look through the Community section, which contains a range of beginner and advanced tutorials and guides, as well as groups to help you find like-minded developers.


Hardware & Peripherals

Software & OS Distributions

The Raspberry Pi will run a range of OS Distributions and run a variety of software.


Documentation relating to the Raspberry Pi can be found here.

Frambozenier.org Documentation Project Datasheets

Example documents which can be linked from here (or sub page):
 Official Datasheets
 White Papers
 User Manuals
 Recommended books (perhaps)

R-Pi Troubleshooting

Head over to the troubleshooting page for help fixing common problems.

R-Pi Model B 3D CAD files

Theses are various 3D CAD Versions in both RAR and ZIP.


Projects, Guides & Tutorials

  • An important source of information and guides is the Official Forum.
  • Knowledgeable users may want to review and help out with the Tasks page.
  • Get started by following some of the many Tutorials.
  • Common tasks and useful tip are available through the Guides page.
  • Projects can be found, and added to, on the Projects page.

Schools, Universities, Clubs & Groups

  • The Raspberry Pi Foundation's aims include encouraging education. Several groups including Computing At School aim to bring Computing Science back into schools.
  • Go to the Education Page to add your project and find helpful links.

Supporting Communities

The Raspberry Pi Community is steadily growing:

About the RPi Wiki

Do not be afraid to add your bit, content is vital for the wiki to function.

A 3D rendering of the Raspberry Pi logo by forum user Antario. Source

This wiki is open for the community. You are encouraged to sign up and add your own projects, guides and correct anything within it. It is important that users like you continue to add to and grow this wiki, that way others will be able to come and do the same making the wiki a valuable resource. See Help Editing The Wiki and the Upload File link (on the left sidebar) to reference images. Have a look at our Guidelines and then you are free to go !


הויקי מתורגם למספר שפות, חלקם מופיעים בראש העמוד. השפות הקיימות כרגע הם:

כל תרומה לתרגום הויקי מוערכת מאוד. תודה למי שכבר תרם!


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