Hammer Board Software System

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Source Code

APEX Boot Loader

Current APEX bootloader source

Current APEX bootloader config


Current - Hammer is supported in the main kernel tree as of linux-2.6.26 (Be careful : there are some problems with S3C2410 USB host support which appear to fixed in 2.6.28).

mmc-patch for adding sd/mmc configuration to 2.6.26

kernel patch against 2.6.22

The s3c2410_udc patch (required for Gadget support)

Current Kernel Config


Current supported Buildroot It seems buildroot above will not build properly on ubuntu 9.04 -- if anyone has a solution please post it...Im trying the latest buildroot now and will update if it works Fix for mpfr buildroot config

Current buildroot config

Buildroot Configuration with C++ enabled

Tool Chain

No patches are needed. The tool chain is built using buildroot.


Current Stable as of 10-06-2008

NOTE: SVN734 is from a date of 2008-06-27, newer versions of OpenOCD from the SVN are not considered stable

Older Stable Version

Openocd Script to blink onboard LED

Other Important Stuff

Source for devmem utility - devmem

Binary Reference Images

APEX Boot Loader

Kernel 2.6.22 image

Root File System

devmen utility binary