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First you have to get an Enc28j60, the following links may be usefull:

Next we will be soldering it on to the Hammer_Carrier

We will use the 3.3V regulator of the Hammer_Carrier, but you already need to have done the How_to_Swtching_5V_Regulator

Wire the Olimex Enc28j60 board to the Hammer_Carrier pins as follows:

ENC28J60 Pin Pin Hammer
SCK 1 7
MOSI 2 6
MISO 3 5
INT 5 8
CS 7 11
RST 8 9
Ground 9 GND Ground
Vdd 10 TP9 +3.3V

Also make sure that your 5V main power supply can supply the Hammer as well as the ENC28J60-H.


Enc28j60 wireing.jpg

Software driver info:

The Good  Kernel SPI API
  The Bad  &
    The Ugly  The current "driver"