Hammer How to Reflash Apex and kernel

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These instructions assume that apex has been configured for a 1024k kernel region

==> Flashing a new kernel:

apex> xr 0x30008000

< send zImage via xmodem>

apex> erase nor:256k+1024k

apex> copy 0x30008000+1024k nor:256k

1048576 bytes transferred

apex> boot <this will boot the newly flashed kernel with the existing rootfs>

==> Flashing the new rootfs:

apex> xr 0x30008000

<send rootfs.arm.ext2.gz via xmodem>

apex> erase nor:1280k+1024k

apex> copy 0x30008000+1024k nor:1280k

1048576 bytes transferred

apex> boot <this will boot the existing kernel with the newly flashed rootfs>

==> Flashing a new apex:

apex> xr 0x30008000

< send apex.bin via xmodem>

apex> erase nor:0x00+128k

apex> copy 0x30008000+128k nor:0x00

131072 bytes transferred

<then press reset to run the newly flashed apex>