Hammer LCD 8bit Color STN

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This is a "HowTo" for the Panasonic EDMGRB8KJF (Datasheet) available from EarthLCD to be used with the Hammer development module from TinCanTools

NOTE: This screen is an 8-bit STN screen, however in order to use it on the S3C2410A Hammer 12-bit STN must be used. The last 4 bits are simply masked off. If you have intentions of using this screen for frameworks such as Qt4 or others please first verify that they have 12-bit color support.


Matching Pinouts
Pin Number Hammer Note LCD Pin Number
16 VM Display On/Off DISPON 16
17 VFRAME LCD Vertical sync FRM 20
18 VLINE LCD Horizontal sync LOAD 14
19 VCLK LCD pixel clock CP 12
21 LCD_VD0 LCD data bit 0 Data0 9
22 LCD_VD1 LCD data bit 1 Data1 8
23 LCD_VD2 LCD data bit 2 Data2 7
24 LCD_VD3 LCD data bit 3 Data3 6
25 LCD_VD4 LCD data bit 4 Data4 4
26 LCD_VD5 LCD data bit 5 Data5 3
27 LCD_VD6 LCD data bit 6 Data6 2
28 LCD_VD7 LCD data bit 7 Data7 1
+3.3V VDD 10
+3.3V VDD 11
+3.3V VDD 13
Ground VSS 5
Ground VSS 15
Ground VSS 17
Ground VSS 19
Contrast +1.95V (+-0.8V) VCON 18

NOTE: VCON should be variable control to adjust contrast and the VDD should have separate power control, i.e. via a gpio

NOTE: This display also requires a backlight inverter (see datasheet for requirements)

Linux Kernel Build Notes

In order to get this screen to work framebuffer support has to be built into your kernel.

 cd hammer/source/linux-
 export ARCH=arm
 export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-uclibc-
 make menuconfig 
 Device Drivers ->  Graphics Support -> Support for frame buffer devices
 Inside this sub menu add:
 [*] Enable Video Mode Handling Helpers
 <*> S3C2410 LCD framebuffer support
 Under Device Drivers -> Graphics Support -> Console display driver support ADD
 Framebuffer Console Support

NOTE: It is also a good idea to go ahead and add the boot logo.

The next step is to add the display settings to your mach-tct_hammer.c file in ./arch/arm/s3c2410 If you have questions about this file please see the linux documentation ( I will try to make a patch for this at a later date)