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Consumer Devices

  • Information about running Linux on devices that are or have been available to the general public. This includes both officially supported devices and project devices (or devices that unofficially run Linux).

Project Devices

Supported Devices


  • Information about development boards for embedded Linux





i386 and compatible


  • Information about embedded Linux distributions. This also includes configuration and build systems.

Vendor distros

Other distros

Configuration and Build systems

  • Open Embedded - System for building full embedded images from scratch
  • Qplus Target Builder - Target image builder from ETRI
  • LTIB - Linux Target Image Builder (by Stuart Hughes of FreeScale) - see ltib
  • Eagle Linux - eaglelinux
    • An embedded Linux distribution aimed at helping users learn Linux by creating bootable Linux images "virtually from scratch". Eagle Linux 2.3 is currently distributed as a concise, 26-page PDF documenting the creation of a minimalist, network-ready Linux image for bootable CDs, floppies, or flash drives. See description at: Description