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  * What is hawkboard.org ?
    Hawkboard.org is a Open Community Portal for OMAP L 138 ( ARM 9 and C674x Floating Point DSP) Applications
  * What is hawkboard ?
    A OMAP L 138 based Open Platform designed by a small team of engineers @ Innovate Solutions
  * What is Early Adopter Program ?
    Honestly, this is an exercise to educate the community on OMAP L 138 offerings and technology
  * Who can participate ?
    Passionate Open Community members, 
    Technologists interested in leveraging the OMAP L 138 technology and developing innovative applications,
    Team members who would want to drive and educate the community on the correct or right usage of the platform.
  * Last day for submissions?
    November 30th 2009
  * When will I receive the board if selected?
    By Dec 15th 2009
  * What is the selection Criteria ?
    A group of Community members will be identified as Judges to review the proposals. The judges will choose the early adopters
  * What after winning a board ?
    The Board is all yours, we look forward to the execution of your proposed solution. 
  * Should the solution be open ?
    Yes, after or while execution of the project you are requested to give the details to make this a successful open source program


<below is a template / example, please keep the heading and use the same for your proposals>

<example starts>

Linux Driver Development for HawkBoard Peripherals

  • Title  : Driver Development
  • Short project description:
    • The project will add the Linux driver support, following are the drivers I will be interested in developing and maintaining
      • VGA
      • Composite In
  • Why not on other board ?:
    • Hawkboard is a open community platform
    • My contributions will be leveraged by global open community
    • My efforts will be recognized and appreciated by world wide hawk, beagle, OMAP, Davinci communities.
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Expected results:
    • VGA and Composite drivers will be implemented and submitted to davinci mailing list for kernel.org submissions.
    • Wiki page to describe the entire development method here ...
  • Contact: khasim[at]beagleboard[.]org
  • Will you support hawkboard.org initiative ? How :
    • By creating wiki's of my understanding
    • By being on mailing lists and IRC and try to answer the questions
  • One thing you like about this platform or initiative:
    • Open Platform

<example ends>

SIP client demo

  • Title  : SIP client on hawkboard
  • Short project description:
    • Get a SIP client working (linphone), maybe use DSP to off-load audio processing.
      • Use audio, network and DSP.
      • Maybe use video later-on.
  • Why not on other board ?:
    • Have some experience with beagleboard, but hawkboard seems to have more complete interfaces.
    • Cheap platform, DSP.
  • Duration: maybe one to three month, depending on scope (DSP, video).
  • Expected results:
    • Audio and network working.
    • Maybe extend user-interface later-on using VGA, video in.
  • Contact: pmeerw@pmeerw.net
  • Will you support hawkboard.org initiative ? How :
    • Contribute as open source. Provide demonstration image.
  • One thing you like about this platform or initiative:
    • Seems promising given beagleboard's success; visibility.

Hawk Media Server

  • Title  : Hawk Media Server
  • Short project description: This project aims at achieving the following:
    • A media server for homes, that will be a central repository for all media - video/ audio/ pictures and documents
    • Long term goals:
      • Subject to feasibility, Probably a PVR using video in or video over IP
      • A video surveillance application in conjunction with leopard board, where the media server can be used for recording surveillance videos.
  • Why not on other board ?:
    • Hawk has a SATA interface, ideal to interface with internal hard disks.
    • Cheaper than Beagleboard
  • Duration: Three months
  • Expected results:
    • A ready to install image that others can use to configure Hawk as a media server
    • All details shared up on a wiki
  • Contact: sradhakrishna@firstpenugin.org
  • Will you support hawkboard.org initiative ? How? :
    • Would like to provide any help with developing drivers or maintaining uboot/ kernel.
  • One thing you like about this platform or initiative:
    • Open Source
    • A platform for hobbyists to try out new ideas in a quick manner

Next topic

  • Title  :
  • Short project description:
    • Description
      • x
      • y
  • Homepage: Your Link
  • Why not on other board ?:
    • reason 1
    • reason 2
  • Duration: time
  • Expected results:
    • output 1
    • output 2
  • Contact: mail ID
  • Will you support hawkboard.org initiative ? How :
    • 1
    • 2
  • One thing you like about this platform or initiative:
    • 1