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HummingBoard is an ARM development board with Freescale i.MX6 (ARMv7 architecture) manufactured by SolidRun. Its technical specifications are similar to SolidRun series of small computers Cubox-i. The following models of the board are available: HummingBoard-i1, HummingBoard-i2, and HummingBoard-i2eX.

Getting Started

The following OS image are provided from SolidRun:

  • OPENELEC – A Kodi Media Center
  • Android
  • GeexBox XBMC – A Kodi Media Center
  • Debian Linux by Igor Pečovnik

For more information please visit SolidRun download page.


The following tutorial for build a Linux based distribution for HummingBoard (or Cubox-i) with Yocto is based on this article.


  • Download Poky
git clone -b dizzy git://
  • Download ARM and Freescale layers
    • For Wayland & Weston version 1.5
cd poky
git clone -b dizzy git://
git clone -b dizzy git://
    • For Wayland & Weston version 1.6
cd poky
git clone
git clone -b dizzy git://
  • Initialize build directory
source oe-init-build-env



Perform the following modifications of conf/local.conf:

  • Change machine type to cubox-i:
MACHINE ??= "cubox-i"
  • Append the following additional configurations:
PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= "package_rpm"
  • Optionally change the following settings to optimize the build depending on the hardware specifications of your build system:
  • Optionally append the following configuration if you are building Wayland and Weston
DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "x11"
  • Optionally append the following configuration if you want to save disk space by deleting temporary files after the build
INHERIT += "rm_work"


Append the following two lines to BBLAYERS at conf/bblayers.conf:

   /home/test/poky/meta-fsl-arm \
   /home/test/poky/meta-fsl-arm-extra \

Build & Run

  • Run the following command to build a minimal image:
bitbake core-image-minimal
  • Alternatively, run the following command to build an image with Wayland and Weston:
bitbake core-image-weston
  • The build may take up to several hours depending on the technical specifications of the build system. Grab a cup of coffee and when the image is ready go to tmp/deploy/images/cubox-i/. Replace X with the corresponding letter to a microSD card and copy the image to it using the following commands:
cd tmp/deploy/images/cubox-i/
umount /dev/sdX*
dd if=core-image-weston-cubox-i.sdcard of=/dev/sdX bs=4M conv=fsync


There are ongoing efforts for porting Tizen:Common and Tizen IVI with Wayland, Weston and Crosswalk on HummingBoard:

Useful Resources