Improvements on dietsplash and integration with Yocto

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Improvements on dietsplash and integration with Yocto
Lucas De Marchi


dietsplash is a new bootsplash application targeting embedded systems that has as its main attractions speed and small overhead. Right now it stands between psplash and plymouth in terms of features, but its far more lightweight than both and has less dependencies.

It has only been recently released, but it is already in a usable state and some of its features are quite interesting from an embedded point of view:

  • Does not depend on having an initrd;
  • Does not depend on being started as a common task on initialization (psplash does);
  • Initial integration with systemd;
  • Animations are easy to do by using the API provided by dietsplash. However it still keeps this task simple and does not use a script language like plymouth does. This task can be accomplished without depending on external big libraries such as Cairo.
  • Really small. The dietsplash binary is only 14kb without images and 34kb with the example images provided already embedded.

There are still some things missing in dietsplash that might be good to have. Following some items that could be worked on:

  • Add jpeg support;
  • Finish integration with systemd, monitoring through D-Bus or a private socket the status of the boot;
  • Integrate with Yocto;
  • Further improvements to make it even smaller.

Related work


As a rough estimative, this should take 3 weeks for one person.

Contractor Candidates

I work for ProFUSION and recently I faced some projects in which none of the boot splashes available were fitting well. So, as the creator of the project, I'm proposing myself as an obvious Contractor :)