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This page has a comparison between the test definitions from Fuego and Linaro for the OpenSSL test.


  • Fuego only runs ...
  • Linaro runs ...

High Level Assumptions

  • Fuego does not disturb the system
    • if something is installed, it is removed, by default
    • if something is started, it is stopped
  • Fuego assumes you can run another test upon completion of one test
  • Linaro assumes a clean install, that will be replaced on next test
    • Things can be modified (packages installed, and forgotten about)
  • Fuego treats system like final product that is immutable
  • Linaro treats system like development system, that is mutable



  • Fuego cross-builds the test software
  • Linaro does not build the software


  • Fuego checks for cross-compiler variables
  • Linaro checks for root account


  • Linaro can install packages required by openssl on the board
  • Fuego deploys the test software to the board


  • Linaro runs test for each crypto algorithm separately
  • Fuego runs test for all crypto algorithms together
  • Factorization of the test is different
    • dependency check, alterations, test execution, parsing are done on board for Linaro
    • dependency check, test execution, parsing are done on the Host for Fuego


  • Linaro parses the output for each crypto test on the target using awk
  • Fuego parses the combined output on the host using python (parser.py)


  • output is different


  • Linaro doesn't include presentation control for the test results in the test


  • Fuego specifies author, license gitrepo, for test program
  • Linaro specifies the devices for the test to run on
  • Linaro specifies distros where test can run


  • Linaro install_deps: does this also install the package itself (with the openssl binary)?
  • Linaro: what does send-to-laval.sh do?

Field comparisons

Field items
Fuego Linaro Notes
item use item use
fuego_test.sh:test_pre_check check required test pre-requisites (none in this test) sysbench.sh:! check_root && error_msg check required test pre-requisites Linaro code is inline in test script
fuego_test.sh:test_build cross-build the test program from tar sysbench.sh:install_sysbench download and build the test program -
- - sysbench.sh:install_sysbench install required packages for build Linaro has different build and dependency info per distro, Fuego has no notion of installing auxiliary packages on the board
fuego_test.sh:test_deploy Put test program on the board sysbench.sh:install_sysbench install test program on board (locally)
fuego_test.sh:test_run instructions to execute the test program on the board sysbench.yaml:run:steps: instructions to execute the test program on the board -
parser.py code to parse the test program log sysbench.sh:general_parser and awk lines code to parse the test program log Linaro parsing is done on board
spec.json indicates values for test variables (none for this test) sysbench.sh:NUM_THREADS= indicates values for test variables Linaro options are read on command line of test script
test.yaml:fuego_package indicates type/format of test sysbench.yaml:metadata:format indicates type/format of test -
test.yaml:name name of test sysbench.yaml:metadata:name name of test similar
test.yaml:description description of test sysbench.yaml:metadata:description description of test similar
test.yaml:license/author/version test program information - - Informational data
test.yaml:maintainer Maintainer of this Fuego test sysbench.yaml:metadata:maintainer Maintainer of this Linaro test similar
test.yaml:fuego_release Fuego revision of this test - - -
test.yaml:type type of test sysbench.yaml:metadata:scope type of test? -
- - sysbench.yaml:metadata:os OSes that this test can run on Linaro only?
- - sysbench.yaml:metadata:devices devices that this test can run on Linaro only? (Fuego board selection is done by user when creating jobs for boards?)
test.yaml:tags tags for this test - - Fuego only?
test.yaml:params test variable names, values, options (note: none in this test) sysbench.yaml:params test variable names and values similar
test.yaml:gitrepo upstream git repository for test program - - Fuego only?
test.yaml:data_files manifest used for packaging the test - - Fuego only?

Fuego source



function test_build {
    # get updated config.sub and config.guess files, so configure
    # doesn't reject new toolchains
    cp /usr/share/misc/config.{sub,guess} .
    ./configure --host=$HOST --build=`./config.guess`
    sed -i -e "s|#define bool int|//#define bool int|g" config.h
    make config.h
    sed -i -e "s/#define HAVE_MALLOC 0/#define HAVE_MALLOC 1/g" -e "s/#define malloc rpl_malloc/\/\* #undef malloc \*\//g" config.h
    sed -i -e '/HEADERS\(\)/ a\#include "gnu_getopt.h"' src/Settings.cpp

function test_deploy {
	put src/iperf  $BOARD_TESTDIR/fuego.$TESTDIR/

function test_run {
	cmd "killall -SIGKILL iperf 2>/dev/null; exit 0"

	# Start iperf server on Jenkins host
	iperf_exec=`which iperf`

	if [ -z $iperf_exec ];
	 echo "ERROR: Cannot find iperf"
	 $iperf_exec -s &

	assert_define BENCHMARK_IPERF_SRV

	if [ "$BENCHMARK_IPERF_SRV" = "default" ]; then

	report "cd $BOARD_TESTDIR/fuego.$TESTDIR; ./iperf -c $srv -t 15; ./iperf -c $srv -d -t 15" $BOARD_TESTDIR/fuego.$TESTDIR/${TESTDIR}.log

function test_cleanup {
	kill_procs iperf





Linaro source