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Get prepared

This section is to share some debug tips for users to understand the basic flow of how to use/debug jetson platform.

Currently this page is applicable to L4T- rel-32.3


SDKManager is a GUI tool to replace old Jetpack. This tool has two basic functions: flash the board(driver package/BSP) and install the SDK(cuda/tensorRT/etc).
To run sdkm, you have to prepare a x86 host with ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04. Some users asked whehter it supports ARM version so that they can flash jetson by another ARM device.
Currently, it is not supported.
Flash and install SDK could be separate. It means you could flash the board and skip the installation of SDK and vice versa.

  • How to debug if flashing process is stuck in sdkm?

In general, the flahs process would finish in 10 minutes. If it lasts longer than this, the flash process probably has problem. To debug flash, I would suggest to use directly instead of SDKM GUI tool.
This is a official tool to flash jetson platform. This tool is also installed and used by SDKM. 
After you choose the flash button in sdkm, it would download a package "Linux_for_Tegra" on your host.   The is inside this folder.
For more detail about how to use, please refer to Jetson quick start guide ->
  • What log should I prepare for flash problem?

To debug flash problem. You need two parts of log for forum admin to check.

1. The result of  
This log should be seen after you run above
2. The result from device 
During the flash, the host would send some binary to device and use it to flash. It is a protocol over usb. To dump this log, you need to enable serial console on UART.  <please search different platform if you are not using TX2>
and you shall see the log start to dump in the meantime when starts to flash your board.