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This page shows libraries & packages that have been tested on Jetson TK1, mentioning whether they work or not and also discussing any known issues, etc.

NVIDIA libraries

  • CUDA: CUDA 6.0 (available from the Jetson TK1 Support page, following these instructions) works fine. Earlier versions have not been tested.
  • OpenCV4Tegra: OpenCV4Tegra 2.4.9 works fine on Jetson TK1 including the CUDA-accelerated 'gpu' module following these instructions. Other versions should also work, including

3rd-party libraries

  • OpenCV: OpenCV 2.4.9 works fine when built from source, including the CUDA-accelerated 'gpu' module, as explained in the wiki instructions. Other versions probably also work fine. The Tegra CPU-optimized OpenCV4Tegra by NVIDIA also works, as mentioned above.