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There is a board named tk1exp. Designed by "". It expanded all the available on the expansion header. Including MIPI CSI2, LCD interface, SPI(touch screen),I2C,GPIO,UART and so on.

Author's email:


tk1exp summary

Datasheet File:JetsonTK1 exp specV1.1.pdf

Interfaces list:

  • A Touch screen interface. 4-wires or 5-wires resistive touch screen connector.
Pin Number Description remark
1 X+for 4-wires touch screen, UL for 5-wires touch screen
2 X- for 4-wires touch screen, LL for 5-wires touch screen
3 COMMON for 5-wires touch screen
4 Y- for 4-wires touch screen, LR for 5-wires touch screen
5 Y+ for 4-wires touch screen, UR for 5-wires touch screen

  • B LCD eDP LCD by default, replace the coupling capacitor with 0ohm resistor and other resistor to support LVDS LCD
  • C additional LCD brightness power connector.
  • D BR_UART1( RS-232 level) connector
  • E 4-wires UART2 RS-232 level connector
  • F AD input(from touch controler)
  • G Raspberry PI camera 1
  • H Vmux
  • I Raspberry PI camera 2
  • J GPIO_PU0~PU6 3.3V or 5V level Set logic level by Q and R
  • K I2C 3.3V or 5V level Set logic level by S
  • L BR_UART1 3.3V or 5V level Set logic level by T
  • N TS_SPI 3.3V or 5V level Set logic level by V
  • O Camera 1 CSI-2 Only clk,lan0 and lan1,lan2 and lan3 on the P
  • P Camera 2 CSI-2
  • Q,R,S,T,V IOlogic level jumper,In the Figure 1,jumper to left for 5V,and right for 3.3V
  • U UART2 3.3V or 5V level
  • W Reset, power key,HSIC etc.