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uClinux media player from Mattel made by Emsoft http://www.ucdot.org/archive/juicebox.gif

NEWS FLASH it is now possible to boot a custom uclinux kernel and ramdisk


for those who are viewing this page for the first time and are considering hacking the JuiceBox you should be aware of some facts. my primary reason for hacking the JuiceBox was not to make a mp3 player, picture viewier, or movie player. i never ment for the JuiceBox hack to be anything other than an inexpensive platform to experiment with design concepts. this includes experimentation with NAND flash, NOR flash, arm7tdmi architecture, bootloaders, SD/MMC card interfaces, and uClinux. if your intentions for hacking the JuiceBox are for anything other than education, you will probably be disappointed. -prpplague


Lesser Hacks

The discontinuation of sales of the JuiceBox moves some previously trivial applications into the realm of lesser hacks; things that require some degree of documentation and effort, but no actual hardware modifications of the JuiceBox itself.