Lab Test Kernel Config Sizes

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This page describes a test developed for use with the CELF Open Test Lab. See Open Test Lab for details.

Table Of Contents:


This test measures the size impact of turning on or off certain kernel configuration options, for a single kernel. This test uses 'target' to build a baseline kernel image, and then loops building kernel images with configuration options at different settings. The test records the kernel size after each build. At the end, a table is printed showing the

The purpose of this test is to automatically determine, for different kernel versions, architectures, and compiler versions, what the size cost of each configuration option is.


This test needs 'target' to be installed and correctly configured in order to operate.

Please see Target Program Usage Guide for instructions for installing, configuring and using that program.


Here is the test:

To Do

Things to work on:

  • should summarize results in an html or wiki table
  • need to expand the list of options to test
  • need to validate that kernel built successfully after each build
  • should also run the kernel, and get a measurement of dynamic memory usage
    • need to record if kernel boots or not with adjusted config
  • should also run with alternate base configs (allnoconfig or allyesconfig)
  • need to have a way to compare results with results on other platforms.
    • need to consolidate results tables (e.g. CONFIG_PRINTK=n on ARM, PPC, i386, etc.)
  • need to handle option dependencies


[put miscellaneous notes here]