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This page describes a test developed for use with the CELF Open Test Lab. See Open Test Lab for details.

Table Of Contents:


This test validates whether a kernel supports the printk-times feature, which is to append a timestamp to each line of kernel printk output. Printk-times is a valuable tool for measuring the (macro-level) timing of kernel events during bootup.

This test determines whether printk-times can be used from the kernel command line or as a compile-time configuration option. Also, the test verifies the output of the show_delta command (used to calculate relative times in the printk output). Finally, the test validates the timing values produced by the kernel for the timestamps.

For more information about printk-times, see Printk Times


This test needs 'target' to be installed and correctly configured in order to operate.

Please see Target Program Usage Guide for instructions for installing, configuring and using that program.


Here is the test script:

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