LeapFrog Pollux Platform

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LeapFrog Pollux Platform family of devices.


The LeapFrog Pollux Platform currently comprises three devices: the Didj and Explorer hand-helds and LeapPad Explorer tablet, all based around the Pollux SoC (marked "LF1000" in LeapFrog products).

Device Pages

These are the pages dealing with the specific details of the different LeapFrog devices built around this platform.

LeapFrog Didj

LeapFrog Explorer

LeapFrog Leappad

Useful Links

A list of helpful and informative links dealing with the LeapFrog Pollux Platform family of devices.

Getting Started

Console Access

Leapfrog Source Codes


Technical Details


  • Didj, Explorer, LeapPad
    • LeapFrog LF1000 branded MagicEyes Pollux VF3520F Datasheet
    • ARM926ejs core
    • Clocked at 393MHz


  • Didj
    • QImonda HYB25DC25616OCE-5 - 32MB sdram Datasheet -or-
    • Nanya NT5DS16M16CS-5T - 32MB sdram (Datasheet)


  • LeapPad
    • 2GB SD - Internal


  • LeapPad
    • 5" Touchscreen


  • Didj, Explorer
  • LeapPad
    • LFP100

Interface types

  • Explorer
    • USB 1.1 host (Proprietary Connector)

Physical connectors

  • Didj, Explorer, LeapPad
    • Cartridge socket (providing NAND, SDIO and UART)
    • DC Power
    • Headphone
    • Charging Socket

Input devices

  • Didj, Explorer, LeapPad
    • 10 Buttons
    • D Pad
  • Explorer, LeapPad
    • Touchscreen/stylus

Linux kernel

  • Didj
    • 2.6.20
  • Explorer, LeapPad
    • 2.6.31

Tutorials/How To

A list of the generic device independent Tutorials and How To articles. Here you will find some of the basic building blocks from which the device specific tutorials will build upon.

Console Access

Compiling Source Code