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** microSD socket
** microSD socket
* Buy one at [http://www.jertechonline.com JerTechOnline.com] (No longer being produced)
* Buy one at [http://www.jertechonline.com JerTechOnline.com]
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<gallery widths=200px>

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The cartridge connector of the LeapFrog Pollux Platform family of devices makes available two very useful set of pins. There is a TTL level UART connection, and connections for an SD card. With a MAX232 level converter the UART can be connected to a terminal, to give you console access to your device. While hooking up an SD card can allow for extra storage or with some additional software, contain a bootable operating system.


The cartridge connector has fairly easy access, once the case is removed, to solder wires on to it. A warning, it is tight, so you should be moderately experienced with soldering at least. You can use these pinouts to break out what connections you need, using this method.

Cartridge Connector Pinout

Hardwire Serial Connection

LeapFrog Cartridge

LeapFrog OEM game cartridges

Are usable on any iteration of LeapFrog Pollux Platform devices as they all use the same form factor. As for content each device is backwards compatible with the software. Manufactured by Sandisk

  • s740878-1
  • 4620329
  • 0621
  • 151-10043-07-a

Hack an Original Cart

  • Features
    • Cheap and easy if you have the parts already.
    • Much easier than soldering to the connector in the device.
  • USB adapter pictured for UART access.

Buy a Custom Cartridge

DJHI "Did Ja Hack It?

  • Features
    • Completely built and ready to use, requires only USB to Serial adapter.
    • microSD socket

DIY Custom Cartridges

These are boards designed by people who provided the necessary files for you to order your own PCB, or etch one at home. If you have the know how, or need something special, this is a good place to start.

All Pins Broken Out

  • Features
    • Easy to make at home (can be made with a radioshack kit and a dremel)
    • Allows access to all connector pins.
    • Cartridge locks in like the OEM version.
  • Building the board.
    • Requires ability to etch your own PCBs
    • Superglue a small piece of FR4 in the corner and dremel a notch out. (see dimensions below)
    • You will also need a spacer on the top and bottom and those dimensions are also included.

SD, USB Serial, and NAND Cartridge

SD and USB Serial Cart

  • Board untested, use at your own risk.
  • Features
    • Fits (mostly) within the Didj
    • Includes an FTDI FT232RL USB-Serial adaptor for Bootloader and Serial Console
    • Includes SD card slot
    • Includes solder jumpers for custom bootloader
    • Open Eagle source files (CC Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike)
  • PCB layout files.

UART With Out Cartridge

It is possible to directly solder wires to the back of the cartridge connector.

Connecting w/o Cartridge

If you don't have a cartridge that breaks out the necessary connections, and you're good with a soldering iron, you can carefully solder on the necessary wires to the internal connections. Then bring the wires out to your serial adapter of choice.

TX, RX, GND, and VCC soldered directly to the pins.
  • Green UART-TX
  • Grey UART-RX
  • Black GROUND
  • Red +3.3V
Picture of the pinout of the LeapFrog Pollux Platform cartridge slot (Underside).