LeapFrog Pollux Platform: DFTPdevice

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Work in progress, just jotting down notes currently.

DFTPdevice is an FTP like server that runs on both the Explorer and LeapPad. For these devices, this is what OpenLFConnect connects to them with.

DFTP Device


Open port 5000 send ETH command Open port 5001

When device starts up port 5000 is open, once you make a connection, you need to send the ETH command. Then port 5001 opens up.

5000 is the port you send commands to.

5001 is the port you read the responses from.

DFTP Command List

The command list is fairly undocumented, there is a few listed in the sources, but most will be discovered by other means, like using Wireshark. This is the list so far.

All commands must have a trailing 0x00 attached. In python it would look something like.

socket.send('LIST /path/to\x00')

In OpenLFConnect there is a special command send. It allows you to send any command you like, the 0x00 is appended for you, otherwise its all raw read/write. Obviously STOR and RETR won't work with it, but the rest you can play around with.

remote>send LIST /path/to

Some commands are Surgeon only.

Surgeon Only DFTP Version 1.12


SETS MOUNTPATIENT=2 or 0 Returns:200 OK Action: 2 mounts patient-rfs 0 ?

GETS METAINFS Returns: METAINFS=/tmp/metainfs


ETH <host ip> 1383 Action: Something with establishing a connection. must be sent before opening the second port.

LIST <directory path> Returns: <directory path> list 200 OK

STAT <path> Returns: ex. D 00000000 755 root:root 200 OK Notes: Seems to not always work as expected.

INFO Returns: PACKETSIZE=131072 VERSION=1.12 200 OK



STOR <remote_path> Action: Initiate file upload. Next: Send file data till EOF then send 101 EOF. Device responds with a lot of 100 ACK: <number> (Seems to be last amount of len(data) received.)

101 EOF Action: Ends STOR data transfer Notes:Must flush recv buffer first Returns: 200 OK

RETR <remote_path> Action: Downloads file. Next: Read socket buffer for data and send back 100 ACK: <number> (Seems to be last amount of len(data) received.) Ends: When 101 EOF is received.

RM <path> Action: Removes file Returns: 200 OK

RMD <path> Action:Removes directory Returns: 200 OK

IPKG Action:? Notes:Found listed in source code, does something with firmware.