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This device is part of the LeapFrog NXP320 Platform, it's recommended to start there for general information.

The Leappad2 Explorer (Leapfrog Enterprises)


LeapFrog NXP320 Platform

The LeapPad2 is part of 2 different devices that all share a common hardware platform, based around the Nexell [ http://nexell.co.kr/eng/pro/pro02.html | NXP3200] SoC. The platform page contains information generic across these devices, and it is recommended that you refer to that page as it is a good starting point to understanding the LeapPad2, and contains some basic How To's and Tutorials to get you started.

Project Summary

The LeapPad2 (like the LeapsterGS) is a toy produced by Leapfrog marketed as an educational handheld gaming console for kids aged 3-9. Although it has a proprietary graphical front end, it runs an Angstrom Linux distribution on the same Cortex-A9 processor as the LeapsterGS. It also has built in accellerometer, 2 cameras, and microphone, along with a touch screen.

Sources and Toolchains

Sources and Toolchains

Tutorials/How To's

SD Card

Boot Mode Key Combos

  • Monitor: U-Boot console.
    • Requires a serial connection
    • On host PC keyboard hold shift+M, power up device, *very quickly* type o then n
  • USB Boot: Loading Surgeon.
    • Hold d-pad right and home key, while powering up.
  • Mfg Test: Various hardware tests.
    • Hold vol-up + vol-down while powering up, maintaining till test screen.

Technical Information

Device Comparison

LeapPad2 Memory Map

File System Contents List

Firmware Files

  • Surgeon - CBF
  • Kernel - uImage


Name Location Size Device Notes
Boot Loader 0x00000000 0x0007E000 /dev/mtd0 On NOR
MfgData0 0x0007E000 0x00001000 /dev/mtd1 On NAND
MfgData1 0x0007F000 0x00001000 /dev/mtd2 On NAND
Reserved 0x00080000 0x00400000 /dev/mtd3 On NAND
Kernel 0x00480000 0x01000000 /dev/mtd4 On NAND
RFS 0x01480000 0x0A000000 /dev/mtd5 On NAND
Bulk 0x0B480000 0xF4C00000 /dev/mtd6 On NAND
Cartridge On Cartridge NAND