Leapster Explorer: SFTP Access

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This how-to will show you how to gain SFTP access into your Leapster Explorer, making it very easy to transfer files to and from the device.

Programs Needed

WinSCP or similar client

Software Needed

Leapfrog Connect, for Windows usage.


DJHI or similar cartridge for access to UART console

Under Windows

Plug your Explorer in to the USB on your host PC, turn it on and let LFConnect open.

Connect your UART cable and cartridge and open up a terminal program, 115200 8/n/1 you can test your connect by typing ls in the console, it should list the root directory structure.

 $ cd /etc/ssh
 $ vi sshd_config

You should now have a config file opened in the text editor, scroll down with the arrows or page button till you find PermitRootLogin make sure it is uncommented and set to yes. Scroll down some more till you see PermitEmptyPasswords make sure its uncommented and set to yes. Simple vi commands, hit the i key to allow you to insert and delete text with the backspace key. Once done editing, hit ESC key, then type :x and hit return to close and save. Tip :q close with out saving.

Next you need to start the daemon, this will take a while the first time, while it generates the keys, just let it do its thing for a few minutes.

 $ /etc/init.d/sshd start

stop or restart are also valid commands if needed. Next get your Explorer IP address

 $ ifconfig

You should find it near the usb0:avah text addr: this should stay the same, but if you end up with some connection problems, check it again, it may have changed.

Open up winSCP or which ever SFTP client you want to use and configure the server address to the IP you got from your Explorer, put root' as the username and leave the password blank, then you should be able to log in.

For some reason I was not able to get a connection, with out LFConnect running, it may be possible with a better understanding of this system.

Under Linux

Open up a terminal window, plug in to USB and turn on your Explorer. Run command.

 $ dmesg

You should see some info about CDC and a MAC address, and eth[X], you'll need to know which number [X] your Explorer was assigned.

 $ sudo ifconfig eth[X] netmask

Then using the UART console to your Explorer run this command on it

 $ ifconfig usb0 netmask

You can now log into the Explorer either with

 $ ssh root@

Or in Places>Connect to Server in Ubuntu, set it to SSH, enter for address, 22 for port, root for username, and connect.