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Appropriate Use of OSS - The Key Persons are Software Engineers [ELC 2017]

Presenter: Satoru Ueda, Sony Corp
Summary: This presentation discusses legal stuff, especially, license compliance view point.

A Quick Survey of OSS Licenses, Tools and Compliance [ELC 2016]

Presenter: Sean Hudson, Mentor Graphics
Summary: This talk provides a quick survey of the OSS licenses that exist at that time
and some of the history behind them, and what these mean from an engineer's

Tales of Enforcement [ELC 2016]

Presenter: Karen Sandler, Software Freedom Conservancy
Summary: In this talk, the speaker talks about some anonymized examples of enforcement
from nightmare scenarios to dream compliance, with a focus on the embedded market.

Collaborative GPL Enforcement Through Non-Profit Entities [ELC 2014]

Presenter: Bradley M. Kuhn, Software Freedom Conservancy
Summary: This session covers enforcement of GPL policies through non-profit means.

Strategic Implementation of Free Software in Business[ELCE 2008]

Presenter: Shane Coughlan
Summary: This presentation talks about the free software
their advantages and startegies for implementations.

How To Protect Your Intellectual Property While Using Open Source [ELC 2007]

Presenter: Shawn Kwon
Summary: This presentation talks about protecting intellectual property rights
like individual copyright, patent rights, etc..