List of Embedded Linux Presentations

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Here is a list of all the embedded Linux presentations given at ELC over the years.

The purpose of this list is to provide an overview of the talks and their transcript completion status. See the Video transcription project. This list is sorted roughly by date.

Event Presenter(s) Title (and link) Status
ELC 2012 Pintu Kumar, Samsung Controlling Linux Memory Fragmentation and Higher Order Allocation Failure: Analysis, Observations and Results in-progress

Links to presentation collection pages

Event Presentation collection Number of sessions Number completed Status
ELC 2012 (Redwood Shores) ELC 2012 Presentations 54 0 in-progress
ELCE 2011 (Prague) ELCE 2011 Presentations 57 0 not started
ELC 2011 (San Francisco) ELC 2011 Presentations 53 0 not started
ELCE 2010 (Cambridge) ELC Europe 2010 Presentations 48 0 not started
ELC 2010 (San Francisco) ELC 2010 Presentations 53 0 not started

Note: the 'completed' data in this table should be calculated from the presentation page status field