Mainline RT-preempt patchset

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Mainline RT-preempt patchset
Tim Bird


The RT-preempt patch set provides real-time scheduling performance for Linux. Parts of this patch set have been mainlined over time, but there are still significant parts that remain out-of-tree.

This project would consist of mainlining the remaining portions of the RT-preempt patch set, to avoid integration costs for those companies that use this patchset, and to decrease the maintenance cost of the patchset.

Related work

various kernel versions

of the patchset


    • This is an interview with Ingo Molnar and Thomas Gleixner, from February 2009,

regarding the status of the RT-preempt patch


Probably measured in man-years. Would be good to define intermediate milestones for progress, and work towards those.

Contractor Candidates

List possible contractors for this work (can be yourself)